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"You are never better seated than on a bike!"

Bob Alsinger

I’ve been biking since as long as I can remember. As editor in chief of Fixed Gear London, my aim is to share my love for biking with everybody from beginner to advanced bikers.

New to the biking world?

Shopping for a bike used to be an easy task. But the fast evolution of technology and the increasing popularity of biking has made that task… slightly more confusing. At least for a newcomer in the biking world!

If you’re wondering which bike is the best for you, what to look for when shopping, what accesories you should buy or even what’s your biking style, we’ve got you covered! 

Picking the right hybrid bike

So you’re going hybrid? That’s a great idea! But you are certainly asking yourself some questions… they are not your typical kind of bike, after all. But that’s alright, we’ve written a few articles to help you find the right hybrid bike, according to your needs an budget.

Latest guides

Looking for the best bike or accessory for your needs? That’s what our guides are made for! They are curated lists of the best products carefully selected by experts.

Latest reviews

Shopping for a bike? Discover our personal test of bikes we own or have tried long enough to review. Each review states the specifications of the bike, its strenghts and its weaknesses.