Firmstrong Bicycle Review

Do You Need  A Simple Beach Bike? Firmstrong urban man single speed beach cruiser bike is considered the best of its class as it is very simple and offers some features that make it functional, as well.

Even if some cruiser bicycles ignore the style of the bike and only focus on the performance, this bike didn’t ignore either of them, because it also has a very cool style that would attract a style-conscious person.

In this Firmstrong bicycle review, we will introduce a simple bike with high performance and great style which is sold at an affordable price (nearly 200 dollars).

What Feature Does Firmstrong Urban Man Bicycle Offer?

firmstrong bicycle reviews

Especially when it comes to a cruiser bike, nobody would like to ride a bad-looking bike (neither man nor woman), as any small modification to design can turn an awesome-looking bike to a weird one.

That’s why cruise bicycles have to combine high performance with good looking (just like what Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bike did), so let’s begin with what the bike offers concerning the performance.

Tech Specifications:

  • Frame:
    Its frame is made of strong steel.
  • Brakes:
    Bike brakes are KT coaster bikes.
  • Sizes:
    It’s available with 19”, 24”, 26” size (but mainly 24 and 26 inches).
  • Speed:
    It’s a single-speed bike, although there are models with 3, 7 or 21 speeds with 26 inches size only.
  • Tires:
    The bike has no does cruiser whitewall tires.
  • Extras:
    Synthetic leather grips at the ends of the handlebars.
    The bike has a chain guard to protect your clothes.

Bike Frame:

The bike has a very tough steel frame that is suitable for a cruiser bicycle.

This makes the bike a bit heavy, but it’s still not very heavy to be lifted.

The front half of the frame has accessory two thin branches that split and go backward, then reconnect (with a small tube) again just behind the seat, then each one continues till it ends at one side of the rear wheel attaching to the central hub of the wheel.

The front side has convex curves upwards. This gives the bike a very strong and cool appearance.

These curves are compatible with the chain guard, making the design nearly perfect.

The most important advantage of the bike appearance is that it’s available in many colors in order to make you able to choose the color you like the most.

Drivetrain System:

The bike offers high performance besides the cool-looking, thanks to the drivetrain system, which allows any cyclist to ride the bike with a speed ranging from 3 to 15 Miles per hour without any effort.


The bike offers a single-speed, but you can buy the other models with 3, 7 or 21-speed levels.

These speed levels are only available in the 26” size bikes.

Braking System:

The type of Firmstrong urban man bicycle braking system is the standard reverse pedal coaster brake, as this type is considered the default braking type for a typical beach cruiser.

In the multi-speed models of the bike, the braking system has handbrakes only, this is because the handbrakes are very responsive, strong, and they don’t have the annoying creak.

The Bike Wheelset:

firmstrong bike reviews

The Firmstrong urban man beach bicycle has a cool wheelset. The bike has whitewall tires that have an old-fashioned but tough look. The rims have a fair amount of spokes inside, this would prevent any potential buckling from happening when the wheels hit something tough.

The tires of the single-speed models are slightly nodose in order to make it easier to cycle across the tough ground (sand or dirt).

But the multi-speed models have smoother tires surface, in order to ensure very fast cycling inside cities, and easier roads.

Saddle and Handlebars:

The handlebars of the Firmstrong bicycle are concave from the rider side, this design offers a comfortable position for your whole upper limb.

In addition, to the synthetic leather grips that would allow you to ride for a longer time without feeling any hand palm discomfort.

The saddle is also comfortable as it’s stuffed and has some additional springs, that could absorb the shocks instead of your body.

Finally, the Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser isn’t an easy competitor, because of its simplicity, awesome design, performance, and its price.

Why Is Firmstrong Urban Man Bicycle Special?

firmstrong beach cruiser review

As we mentioned before, the Firmstrong bike has a fabulous design, especially with matte black color, with a steel frame.

The bike is also available in many colors and with different speed system setups. Even if it’s better to choose the single-speed model of the bike, others may still like the multi-speed models as they allow cyclists to ride the bike in the city streets smoothly so they can use the bike to commute.

Some cyclists prefer the single-speed model because it’s easy to initiate movement with it and you can cycle Firmstrong Urban man cruiser at high speed without getting tired.

The saddle of the bike is very comfortable, this is one of the necessary features of a cruiser.

  • A comfortable saddle and leather handlebars grip.
  • It has a traditional design.
  • The bike has a tough steel frame.
  • Easy-to-use reverse pedal brakes.
  • Handlebars design that makes cycling comfortable.
  • The single-speed models offer 3 to 15 mph speed.
  • It has an unstable chain guard.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to shift gears (multi-speed models).


The Firmstrong Urban Man Bike has the traditional design, with the main features of cruisers, in addition to some updates.

It has some models with the multi-speed system, this would allow cyclists to use the bike in cities as well. In this Firmstrong Bicycle Review, we have discussed every feature the bike offers in order to make you able to decide whether it worths its price or not.

Finally, if you want to buy this bike you can get it from here.