Hybrid Bike Size Chart Guide: What Size Bike Do You Need

Do you want to buy a bicycle? If you want to buy a bicycle that fits you, you will have to get a bike that suits your height and weight according to the hybrid bike size chart.

This chart can help you if want to buy a used bicycle to make sure that it fits you and if you are planning to buy a bike online, but if you are going to buy from a bike shop, then you won’t necessarily need to know that chart as the seller will be able to pick a suitable bike for you.

1- What Does Hybrid Bike Mean?

hybrid bicycle size

This is a type of bikes which was originally made of a combination between mountain and road bikes, hybrid bikes have the toughness and hardness of the mountain bicycles and the lightweight of the road bikes.

It is a better option than road bikes when it comes to off-road routes but still can do well on-road.

Although hybrid bikes can’t compete for the speed of road bikes or the ability to cycle in a hard road of mountain bikes, a hybrid bike is the best choice for people who won’t be able to buy both road and mountain bikes as hybrid bikes save money.

2- Why Should The Bike Fit Me?

hybrid bike size chart

Some people stop cycling after 2 or 3 journeys only, why?

This is because they experience backache and shoulder and neck pain after they wake up the following morning.

This pain is due to a non-suitable bike. You won’t find a bike size that fits everyone.

People have different bodies, bike size changes depending on your height, weight, arm length, and trunk length. If you choose a well-sized hybrid bike, this won’t only keep the pain away, it will also make your body more comfortable and less liable to be tired.

3- How To Calculate The Size?

road bike sizing

The size of a hybrid bike differs from each other depending on the manufacturer (or the brand) and the seat tube.

Hybrid bike sizes are very similar to mountain bicycles, and they differ from road bicycles by a few centimeters.

You have to know your height and inside leg length in order to know the size of the hybrid bike which fits you.

Keep in consideration that inside leg length is much more important when it comes to bike sizes as we use our legs in cycling, not our whole body.

Even after calculating the hybrid bike size, you won’t be %100 sure that the bike is going to fit you, you have to test it yourself and make sure you are comfortable with it at first.

Some professional bike shops will give you a provisional well-sized bike to test it for a couple of days.

4- The Size Chart

As we told you before, testing is the key to know your suitable bike size.

But you still can use the bike size chart to determine which size can you pick to test.

You can use this chart to calculate your suitable size and be aware if a used bicycle will fit you or not.

5- Bike Size Chart (For Men)

Your Height Inseam Length Hybrid Bike Size
145 cm to 150 cm 65 cm 13  or 14 inches (XS)
151 cm to 160 cm 68 cm 14 or 15 inches (XS or Small)
161 cm to 170 cm 70 cm 15 or 16 inches (Small)
171 cm to 175 cm 75 cm 17 or 18 inches (M)
176 cm to 180 cm 78 cm 19 or 20 inches (L)
181 cm to 188 cm 80 cm 20 or 21 inches (Large or XL)
189 cm to 195 cm 85 cm 21 or 22 inches (Large or XL)
196 cm and above 90 cm and above 23 or 24 inches (XXL)

6- Bike Size Chart (For Women)

Your Height Inseam length Hybrid Bike Size
145 cm to 155 cm 65 cm 13 or 14 inches (XS)
156 cm to 160 cm 68 cm 14 or 15 inches (XS or Small)
161 cm to 165 cm 70 cm 15 or 16 inches (Small)
166 cm to 171 cm 75 cm 17 or 18 inches (M)
172 cm and above 78 cm and above 19 inches (Large)

7- BMX Bike Size Chart

If you are one one of those people who are very suitable with BMX bikes than any other bike types, so take a look at this size chart to find the right size for yourself or for a friend.

Your Height Suggested Race BMX SizeSuggested Park BMX Size
<4’4”<132 cmMicro16” Wheel
4’2″ – 4’10”127 – 148 cmMini18” Wheel
4’6″ – 5’1″137 – 155 cmJunior20” Wheel 18 -19.5” toptube
5’0″ – 5’4″152 – 163 cmExpert20” Wheel 19.5- 20.25” toptube
5’2″ – 5’6″157 – 168 cmExpert XL20” Wheel 20.25 – 20.5” toptube
5’3″ – 5’8″160 – 173 cmPro20” Wheel 20.5 – 20.75” toptube
5’7″ – 6’0″170 – 183 cmPro XL20” Wheel 20.75 – 21” toptube
6’+183 cm+Pro XXL20” Wheel 21”+ toptube

8- Kids Bike Size Chart for 7-year-old bike size – Height

The most common sizing chart. That’s your child’s height. (your kid not the bike)

AgeChild’s HeightWheel Size
2–3 years old2’10″–3’4″
(85–100 cm)
(30 cm)
3–4 years old3’1″–3’7″
(95–110 cm)
(36 cm)
4–5 years old3’7″–4’0″
(110–120 cm)
(41 cm)
5–8 years old4’0″–4’5″
(120–135 cm)
(51 cm)
8–11 years old4’5″–4’9″
(135–145 cm)
(61 cm)
11+ years old4’9″+ (145+ cm)26″
(66 cm)

9- Kids Bike Size Chart – Inseam Length (between 2-year-old and 11 year old )

Another children’s bike size chart method, this one based on your child’s inside leg length.

AgeInseamWheel Size
2–3 years old14–17″
(35–42 cm)
(30 cm)
3–4 years old16–20″
(40–50 cm)
(36 cm)
4–5 years old18–22″
(45–55 cm)
(41 cm)
5–8 years old22–25″
(55–63 cm)
(51 cm)
8–11 years old24–28″
(60–72 cm)
(61 cm)
11+ years old26’+ (70+ cm)26″
(66 cm)

10- Infographic: Everything you need to know about Bike Size Chart Kids

kids bike sizes

Final Thought

You can use the hybrid bike size chart to know the suitable bike size for you, especially if you are going to buy a used bike.

This chart can be useful for you if you will buy a bike online too. You will be able to know the size of the bike to begin your testing with it (as testing is the only way to find the perfect size).

You may have made the most important points revolving around the theme of hybrid bikes, as well as a hybrid bike size chart guide. After reading this article you will be able to determine which hybrid bike is right for you in terms of length and size.

Have You Used a Hybrid Bike Before? Was It Comfortable? Tell Us In The Comment Section!