Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX Bike Review

If your kid has grown up and the training bike doesn’t fit him anymore, Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX bike is the best choice for him.

Many parents start searching for a BMX bike after their kids outgrow the training bike, but they tend to buy a cheap bike that couldn’t last for 6 months.

In this Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX bike review, we will tell you more details about this high-quality bicycle.

The main advantages of diamondback youth Nitrus include the substandard freestyle bicycle, with better features and the best quality that can live several years, all these advantages and more for less than 150 dollars.

Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX Bike Features

Diamondback Nitrus BMX Bike

This is an intermediate bike between the training bike and the BMX freestyle bike, but it doesn’t have the extra features that would only increase the price.

This bike offers an intense frame with good quality components that would ensure better efficacy in comparison with bikes in the same class.

Tech Specifications:

Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX Bike Review
  • Frame:
    The bike has a steel frame.
  • Brakes:
    It has the linear-pull brakes (known as V-brakes).
  • Speed:
    Like many other children’s bikes, it has only a single speed level.
  • The Bike Dimensions:
    44.5 x 22 x 7.9 inches (113 x 56 x 20 cm).
  • Tires:
    It has nodose tires, on 20 inches wheels.

This bike wasn’t made to tolerate very hard work, large jumps, or difficult BMX tricks, but it still can tolerate cycling on a tough road, doing one jump every while, or performing a simple trick. It can also bear the regular abuses of kids, but not extraordinary acts.

Bike Frame:

Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX bike has a frame made of Hi-ten steel (which is a light type of steel to decrease the bike weight) just like the other BMX bikes from a higher class.

This frame has a suitable strength for kids. In addition, the bike is very stable and offers balanced cycling with lightweight.

Most bikes don’t have a good looking frame because it may not be necessary but in this case, it is necessary to have a decent appearance as the bike belongs to a kid.

It has mixed black and blue colors to result in a decent classical appearance that can fit a growing kid for several years.

Drivetrain System (Pedals):

BMX Bikes

Diamondback Nitrus bike doesn’t have showy petals, but they focused on the material that makes the pedals.

The pedals are still made from high-quality materials found in higher class bicycles from the same company.

This gives the bike the ability to offer the same performance of those higher bikes, in order to fit its purpose and to live more time without facing any maintenance problems.

Bike Braking System:

BMX freestyle bike 2019

The bike brakes are linear-pull brakes which are rear-mounted. This type of brakes will allow the cyclist to stop the bike immediately, making it very suitable for the kids.


Diamondback Nitrus BMX bike has awesome wheels, as it has a thirty-six spoke with a black rim and a nodose tire, thus giving the bike the ability to be ridden on pavement or on slightly tough terrain.

This strong tires can also tolerate some shocks without affecting the cyclist at all.

Saddle and Handlebar:

What do you prefer for your kid, comfortability or having fun? Well, whatever your answer is, you will choose this bike, as it has a very comfortable saddle and handlebars, but still gives the kids a good sensation while cycling with the bike.

Why Is Diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX Bike Special?

This is a balanced bike, with high-quality riding experience and a tough frame that is hard to be found in a cheaper bicycle.

Even if the bike doesn’t have an extraordinary feature that would amaze you, it is still considered a high-class bike because it doesn’t have a week side.

The bike has an appealing appearance and offers the best efficacy in its class. Drivetrain system is fast and smooth, the saddle and handlebars are comfortable, with a quick braking system.

Some parents don’t like the weight of the bike as they find the bike heavy, but this is actually better for the young rider as it provides him with stability.

Also, the bike doesn’t have front brakes because they can flip the bike if the kid didn’t know how to use them properly.

  • It’s sold at an affordable price.
  • It has an amazing style.
  • Steady and tough.
  • Suitable for some BMX tricks.
  • Comfortable saddle.
  • It has a long life span (may live several years).
  • A high-tensile steel frame.
  • It has strong wheelsets.
  • It may be considered heavy.
  • It can’t tolerate grinds.
  • It’s not suitable for hard tricks.
  • It is still more expensive than other bikes.


The diamondback Nitrus is the bike of choice for kids who have exceeded the training level and need a bike of a higher level that can stand with them for several years while getting better at cycling.

Even if the bike is more expensive than the other bikes for the same audience, it still offers a lot of features that make it the best. You can find these features in this diamondback Nitrus 20 BMX bike review, read them and decide by yourself.