Best Top Tube Bag

The advantages of a top tube bag are obvious. You can keep all your most essential and valuable items in a bag right under your nose, where you’ll never be at risk of losing them.

Your items are not at risk of falling out onto the road, or of being stolen if you need to stop for some water.

Top Tube Bike Bag

And there are loads on the market to choose from. But, with so many to choose from, how do you pick one?

And to find one that can accommodate all of your gear without making you lose your balance on the bike? That’s a tall ask.

But there’s no need to worry, this is where we come in. We’ve been checking out some of the best top tube bags out on the market today, and after much deliberation, we were able to handpick our top 5 favorites.

Our reviews on these are coming up very shortly, and after that, we’ve also got a handy buying guide for you which will walk you through all the key points that you might want to think about before you buy.

Then, we’re going to top that off with a section where we answer some of your most frequently asked on the subject.

So, let’s ride on…


Key Features

  • A huge bestseller with online retailers
  • Displays your smartphone as you ride
  • Allows you access to your smartphone
  • Hidden earphone hole
Bike Phone Front Frame Bag - Bicycle Bag Waterproof Top Tube Cycling Phone Mount Pack Phone Case for 6.5’’ iPhone Plus xs max


  • Compatible with a wide range of iPhones and Samsung phones
  • Dimensions are sufficiently large to stash all your gear
  • Reflective PVC detail and seamless waterproof double zippers
  • Fantastic value for money


  • The touchscreen is only designed for smartphones, and not for small tablets

Product Description

There’s no surprise that this bag became such a huge bestseller - it has so much going for it. A touch screen cover that lets you access your smartphone for starters.

You can bring up your route on Google maps as you explore new territory or find somewhere safe to stop and take a breather.

Not to mention the hidden earphone holes. Who doesn’t love listening to their favorite music as they ride along on their bike?

And you’d be surprised just how much stuff you can fit inside. It will hold your wallet, your sunglasses, your gloves, a power bank for your smartphone, and more besides. All while keeping your bike upright and properly balanced.

It has a universal fit and will fit very securely and easily to the frame of your bike.

It’s made of composite carbon leather and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which means it’s designed to be solid, durable, and able to withstand a little rain.


Key Features

  • Won the Amazon Choice award for Top Tube Bag
  • Reflective logo for better visibility in the dark
  • Top-quality, wear-resistant fabric
  • Bungee cord on one side

bzuitur Bike Frame Bag (5)


  • It’s very lightweight at just 98 grams
  • Despite it’s slimline design, it’s rather spacious, able to easily accommodate all your smaller items
  • It’s very quick and easy to install and remove
  • Made with highly abrasion resistant ripstop fabric
  • Fabric is non-slip, and the pouch will not slide down as you ride


  • It doesn’t display your smartphone for you as you ride, however, this keeps you from being unnecessarily distracted

Product Description

Not only is this top tube bag a huge bestseller with online retailers, but it also won the Amazon Choice award for Top Tube Bag.

Such awards are only given to products of very high quality, that are also available at a fair and reasonable price.

Although there’s just the one zip, the inner pouch offers tiered storage, which means that you don’t have to worry about your keys scratching a pretty pattern onto your smartphone screen!

We also love the bungee cord that sits on both sides of the main compartment. That way if you want to place a small item out of the way to get your hands back for riding, you don’t need to use two hands or even operate the central zip.

You can instead secure the item in place, whether it’s your smartphone or some other item, in the bungee cord, and you get your hands back in an instant.


Key Features

  • Displays your smartphone as you ride
  • Allows you access to your smartphone
  • Not at all limited to what brands of smartphone it can hold, so long as they’re not too big

WILD MAN Bike Phone Mount Bag, Cycling Waterproof Front Frame Top Tube Handlebar Bag with Touch Screen Holder Case for iPhone Android Cellphones 6.5”, Bike Accessories for Adult Bikes


  • Amazing value for money
  • Fabric is abrasion-proof, shake-proof, pressure-proof, and durable
  • 100% waterproof, and can handle the rain
  • Large internal capacity, able to hold all of your gear
  • Quick and easy to install and disassemble
  • Allows a very tight and secure fit


  • No free rainfly

Product Description

This top tube bag is another huge bestseller with online retailers and has been flying off the shelves in its thousands.

But better yet the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, earning 4 and a half stars out of 5 after about 2,500 individual customer ratings.

What we love about this top tube bag is how it allows you to see and access your smartphone when you’re on the go.

This can be particularly handy if you need to check Google maps as you cycle to your destination, and it will even allow you to enlarge the image. 

This is thanks to the highly sensitive touch screen that will house your smartphone and protect it from heavy rainfall as you ride.

And better yet, you’re not limited to any particular brand of smartphone, with this pouch, so long as it falls within the size requirements.


Key Features

  • Displays your smartphone as you ride
  • Allows you access to your smartphone
  • Waterproof with free rain cover
  • Hidden earphone hole

WATERFLY Bike Frame Bag Waterproof Bike Front Tube Handlebar Bag Bicycle Bag with Touch Screen Phone Case for iPhone 11/iPhone X/8/7 plus/7/6s/6 plus/5s (Black 1)


  • Compatible with a wide range of iPhones and Samsung phones
  • Dimensions are sufficiently large to stash all your gear, without causing a balance issue
  • Nice aesthetic with reflective PVC edging and seamless double zippers
  • Great value for money


  • Some customers complained that the zippers are stiff, but more often than not this doesn’t present an issue

Product Description

What we love about this top tube bag is how it allows you to access your phone without having to open the bag.

Your phone is displayed to you but is covered by a waterproof touch screen covering, so you can tap away one-handed when it’s safe to do so - even in the rain.

It also has a small visor to keep some of the sun’s glare off your screen to be able to better read the thing.

And when you’re not checking your phone, you can take advantage of free high visibility rain cover. That way you can be 100% confident that your phone won’t get water damaged from the rain.

We also love the hidden earphone hole - you can enjoy all your favorite music as you ride along!

For guidance on how to attach the bag to your bike, please check out the photo instructions on the product page on Amazon.


Key Features

  • Made with rip-stop fabric 
  • Reflective logo, for better visibility 
  • Large one liter capacity
  • Water-resistant

Roswheel Essentials Series 121468 Water Resistant Bike Top Tube Bag Bicycle Front Frame Pannier


  • Available at a great price - especially if you manage to catch a deal
  • Suitable for both your mountain bike and your road bike
  • Easily able to accommodate all your gear


  • Can’t view your smartphone as you ride
  • Fabric is water-resistant rather than waterproof

Product Description

This is the best top tube bag for the most budget conscious amongst you. It’s available at a fraction of the price of the top tube bag we’ve already shown you, especially if you manage to catch one of Amazon’s occasional deals.

It’s made with excellent quality fabric, specifically 300 denier polyester ripstop, together with PU leather. Both this material and the zipper are highly water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about running into a spot of rain.

It has a large one liter capacity, so is easily able to accommodate all your most important gear, including some cycle accessories.

But better yet, there’s EVA foam padding lining the entire bag. This means you don’t have to worry about your possessions getting damaged in the bag as you ride.

It’s also particularly quick and easy to install and remove, since there are only two velcro straps to be concerned about.

Best Top Tube Bags Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide, with a quick outline of what you should look for in your top tube bag.

Secure non-slip fitting

The last thing you’d want when you’re trying to ride your bike to work is to have to deal with a top tube bag that’s constantly slipping downward and distracting you from riding.

So, this means that you will need a top tube that will remain firmly in place for the entire duration of your bike ride.

Able to accommodate your smaller essential items

There are some certain items that we take everywhere with us - even if we’re just out for a little exercise. And those things include your wallet, your keys, and your smartphone.

Any top tube bag worth its salt will have sufficient room for all these items, and more besides.

Reasonable Dimensions

Although it’s nice to have your top tube bag holding as many of your items as possible, on the flip side, the bag cannot be too big.

It has to be sufficiently small to adequately balance on the top tube, and not be in the way of arms if you need to take a turn. Check out saddle bags and handlebar bags as alternatives for smaller bags. If what you are looking for is a larger bike, a messenger bag may be more appropriate.

Strong Closures

You need your items to be safely stowed away, with no danger of them falling loose as you ride. To that end, you will need your top tube bag to feature good strong closures.

This does not necessarily mean it has to be locked, though that is something to think about, so long as your items can remain secure.

Able to display your smartphone screen

This is by no means an essential feature but has quickly become a top priority on most people’s lists, as the product sales have proved.

You don’t want to be fiddling around with some overly strapped pannier when you’re waiting for an important message. It’s far more convenient to simply look down when you are safely positioned and stopped.

Waterproof Fabric

Where I live, hitting a little rainfall is almost an inevitability, and I wouldn’t dream of using any kind of bike that didn’t have at least some level of water-resistance. 

You can judge an item’s water resistance by its IP rating. The higher the IP rating the better equipped a product is at withstanding dust, sweat, and rain.

Waterproof Zipper

In addition to water-resistant fabric, you also need water-resistant closures, such as a waterproof zipper.

And this is regardless of whether the zipper runs across the top of the pouch or along the sides of the pouch.

Tough, Good Quality Fabric

If there’s any item that sees a lot of day-to-day use it’s your top tube bag. From when you add your items into it in the morning, then remove it from the bike after your commute.

And then you repeat the procedure for the way home. So you need the fabric to be sufficiently durable.

Quick and easy to install and remove

When you leave your bike in a safe and secure spot, you’re going to want to take your valuables with you, and that requires that the pouch is easily removed from around your bike.

And similarly, when you return to your bike, you’ll want hassle-free installation, so you can hurry along and get where you need to be.

Just three velcro straps should both be sufficient to hold the pouch in place, and at the same it’s not so many to slow down the installation and removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a top tube bag that allows access to my smartphone?

This is something of a personal decision. Unlike motorists, you cannot get fined or penalized for using your smartphone while riding on your bike. 

However, it can be something of a distraction, and the last thing you want is to be distracted by it when you find yourself at a busy junction.

On the other hand, however, easy access to your phone as you navigate yourself around in somewhat unfamiliar surroundings can be somewhat of a godsend as you can check Google maps as you go along and are better able to ascertain exactly where you are.

If you want to be able to see your phone while riding but are concerned about getting too distracted by it, you can always adjust your phone’s notifications, so that you only receive the most important and vital notifications.

What is the best top tube bike in 2021?

We would argue that the best top tube bike in 2021 is our number one choice, the. It ticks all the boxes that we walked you through in our buying guide, such as spaciousness, secure fit, and balance.

AND simultaneously, it also allows you to access and use your smartphone without having to remove it from the bag. And all the while being entirely waterproof to boot.

What is the best top tube bike for a triathlon?

If you intend to take part in a triathlon, then you will need to take a few bits and pieces with you. This might include swimming goggles, a swim cap, sunscreen, a snack bar, and so on.

So, the bigger your top tube bag is, the better. In which case, the top tube bag that we would recommend has to be our number pick, the. 

What is the best top tube bag for bikepacking?

If you plan on going bikepacking, then you need as much storage on and around your bike as possible.

However, you’re unlikely to achieve that with a top tube bike bag, and should instead consider investing in a pannier, a handle bag, AND a saddlebag.

You may even want to consider getting a backpack as well. That way you can pack plenty of gear for your camping and still be able to move around freely on your bike.

For a look at the best handlebar bags on the market, please check out our other article available on this link, and for a look at the best saddlebags, why not check out our other article available on this link.