The 7 Best Hybrid Bikes 2020 [The Complete Guide]

Combining between the speed of road bikes and the durability of mountain ones, hybrid bikes gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for a bike that’s versatile enough to ride through well-paved areas as well as rougher terrains, you’ll need to get a good hybrid bike.

There are a couple of things you should consider, such as the price, functionality, comfort, and extras. And if you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list I’ve made of the best hybrid bikes on the market.

Hybrid Bikes – Comparison Table

Bike NameSpeedFrame
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes21Aluminum
Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed8Aluminum
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's7Aluminum
Pure Cycles 8-Speed8Steel
Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike21Aluminum
Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike21Aluminum
Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed7Aluminum

The 7 Best Hybrid Bikes for 2020

1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women

The Schwinn Discover is one of the best choices for a hybrid bike under $500. Its low frame enables anyone to climb up the seat easily.

Moreover, it has an aluminum frame construction that makes it lightweight and sturdy. Also, the less bulky design makes it well-aerated.

And while the white paint is nice for hiding scratches, it does get dirtier than darker paints.

Furthermore, the Schwinn Discover comes with 21 speeds that enable the user to take on any kind of terrain, climb up hills, and deal with inclinations with absolute comfort.

It also has 27.5-inch 700c hybrid tires that roll more smoothly over unpaved routes.

The Schwinn Discover comes with a handlebar that’s swept towards the back to ensure that you’re in a comfortable riding position as well as a solid brake system to ensure full control over the bike.

  • Reliable brake system
  • Conveniently designed handlebar
  • Equipped with suspension for better comfort
  • Aerated construction with a movable stem
  • Tuning should be done by an expert for best results
  • The frame tubes make it difficult to stand

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a bike to commute to and from work or school, the Schwinn Discover would be a very good choice as it provides a smooth ride on flat surfaces yet allows you to take detours through more rugged routes.

2. Fortified Theft-Resistant Bike

Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed

This commuter bike is a great choice for a bike under the 1000 mark.

The straight handle ensures a comfortable ride regardless of the duration.

With an aluminum frame and a durable metal fork, the Fortified bike is both lightweight and durable. And the sturdy construction saves you constant visits to the mechanic for repair.

Furthermore, this bike comes with puncture-resistant tires that enable you to ride through extreme terrains with no worries.

However, being limited to 8 speeds may mean that you’re not that free to transition between uphill climbs and back. But the dual disc brakes can help on the way back as they guarantee a safe ride no matter the speed.

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble and carry in hand
  • Can traverse any terrain
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Comes with custom security bolts to protect it against theft
  • Not the most affordable
  • Proper riding requires some experience

Bottom Line:

If you’re going to invest in a high-quality bike, I highly recommend the Fortified Commuter bike. It has an impressive lifespan, and its performance remains as good as new.

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is a great women’s 26-inch hybrid bike under 500.

What makes it different is that it blends the smoothness of a road bike and the comfort of a cruising one instead of the typical blend between the road and mountain bikes. 

If you’re looking for a bike that suits cruising, commutes, and leisure, this one won’t let you down.

Moreover, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney comes with an aluminum frame, which makes it as light as 36 pounds and consequently easy to handle and control.

It also helps you keep an upright position during rides to reduce strain on the back and shoulders, as well as provide you with a more comfortable experience.

This one also doesn’t have many speed options, so it’s more suitable for traversing roads without much variation in inclination.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight frame
  • Runs on seven speeds
  • Sleek design
  • Ensures a completely comfortable riding position
  • Tuning is a hassle and is better done by an expert
  • Customer service is subpar

Bottom Line:

If you were looking for a great hybrid bike below the 500 marks, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney would impress you as it comes at even less! 

But that doesn’t mean that it sacrifices good performance as it does a superb job with urban terrains.

4. Pure Cycles 8-Speed Urban Commuter Bicycle

Pure Cycles 8-Speed Urban Commuter Bicycle

The Pure Cycles Urban Commuter is an ideal hybrid bike for beginners. It comes with eight speeds, dual chain guards, and disc brakes, so you can take as many detours as you would like.

It’s available in multiple sizes from which you can choose your perfect fit for the most comfortable ride.

With WTB 700x32c tires, versatility, and comfort features, the Pure Urban Commuter gives you stable and secure rides.

  • Easy and responsive gear changes
  • Cushioned seat provides support and comfort
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on other parts
  • Sleek style with flexibility to suit both men and women
  • Larger tires provide a more stable ride
  • Doesn’t come with a bottle cage or kickstand
  • Requires professional assembly to activate the 1-year warranty, which will add to the cost

Bottom Line:

If you’re a beginner that’s looking for a comfortable bike that’s easy to handle, the Pure Urban Commuter bike would be a great choice.

5. Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike

Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike 21-Speed

This bike is a true bang for your buck. One of the best bikes under $300, it still has a great design and an improved handling position.

It’s equipped with an excellent zoom suspension fork that absorbs shocks from bumps and provides you with a smooth ride.

The Retrospec Barron has a lightweight aluminum step-through frame that makes it lightweight and easy to climb on.

Moreover, this bike comes with 21 speeds to enable you to traverse various terrains with ease.

  • Excellent price
  • Easy shifting and ergonomic brakes
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Robust with rear mount kickstand
  • Resistance with water dispersion
  • Seat and pedal aren’t high quality
  • The release mechanism isn’t that quick

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bike that comes with many practical features and superb performance, you should opt for the Retrospec Barron.

6. Giordano G7 Men’s Hybrid Bike

Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike

Through harsh weather or rough conditions, the Giordano G7 will provide you with a smooth ride with no trouble.

It has a G7 aluminum frame that makes the bike very lightweight without sacrificing strength.

Moreover, it allows the rider to maintain an upright position, and the 700c x 35 clincher tires are equipped with Vitesse alloy high V-profile rims that provide the bike with stability through all conditions.

However, the bike comes plastic pedals. But the textured rubber inlay compensate as it prevents slippage.

Its 21-speed Shimano gear system is robust and provides it with increased flexibility and versatility. However, a lot of adjustments are required once it arrives, and some of them can be hard.

The brakes, front suspension, and derailleurs need some effort to be assembled, and there are no assembly instructions.

  • Lightweight and aluminum components
  • Provides a smooth and quick ride
  • Firm braking
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Great value for the money
  • Needs a lot of adjustments
  • No assembly instructions

Bottom Line:

Although the Giordano requires some effort to get it up and running, once you do, you’ll absolutely love how smooth, durable, and stable it is.

7. Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed

Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady's Urban City

If you’re looking for a bike for recreational uses or light commuting, the Retrospec Beaumont would be an excellent choice.

It gives you a seamless ride without feeling the bumpiness or roughness of the road.

It’s a little different in that its frame is heavier, but it’s also more durable. It’ll definitely provide you with long-term use.

The seven speeds aren’t that much, but then again, the bike is more suitable for seniors and casual use anyway.

Moreover, its assembly is super easy as it arrives almost pre-assembled. And to make it easier to assemble what isn’t already, the Retrospec Beaumont comes with all the tools you’ll need to be included.

  • Comes with tools for assembly
  • Three color options
  • The seat may be uncomfortable for longer distances
  • Slow speed

Bottom Line:

The Retrospec Beaumont is an ideal choice for someone who’s looking for recreational use and won’t be riding it for extended periods of time.

Does a Hybrid Bike Suit You?

This question doesn’t have a simple answer as it requires that you ask yourself a couple of questions like what you need the bike for, where you’ll ride it, the terrain and weather conditions, and how much comfort you’re seeking.

If you review the pros and cons of a hybrid bike, you’ll be better able to decide whether it suits you or not.

  • A comfortable frame that maintains an upright position for the rider, causing less strain on their back
  • Many hybrid bikes are equipped with front suspension systems that absorb shocks and vibrations
  • Wider tires provide the bike with more stability and comfort, even on lower air pressures
  • Hybrid bikes are very fast as they integrate the large wheels typically found on road bikes
  • Hassle-free equipment installation, including mudguards, racks, lights, and so on
  • Comes with a large number of gears that allow you to go up any hill as well as ride fast on flat streets
  • A hybrid bike compromises some of the speed of a road bike and some of the durability of an MTB bike

How to Choose a Hybrid Bike?

The Frame

Hybrid bikes aren’t different than any other type when it comes to the material of the frame. There’s either aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber.

Aluminum frames combine being lightweight and durable, steel ones are superior in terms of durability, and carbon fiber ones are the best for being lightweight.

Tire Size

Most hybrid bikes come with 700c tires. These are wider than typical road bikes bust still narrower than those of mountain bikes.

While most bikes are with 24 to 38c, some hybrid bikes have 42c tires. Your choice should depend on whether you want it to act more like a road bike or a mountain one.


The handlebars of your hybrid bike could be flat, drop, or riser.

Flat ones provide you with a relaxed position for cycling around town with a straight back and effective pedaling without having to lean forward.

Drop bars, on the other hand, have designs that are geared more towards road bikes. They are lightweight and superior in terms of aerodynamics, so they give you a variety of riding positions.

Lastly, riser bars are common on hybrid bikes, and they extend slightly upward. They allow you to sit upright and farther back, which provides you with more control and visibility.


Hybrid bikes come with powerful brakes that allow you to bring the bike to a stop in a matter of seconds. They can be either rim brakes or disc ones.

Rim brakes are usually found on the front tires and have some advantages over disc ones. It’s easier to tell when your brake pads are worn out on rim brakes, but they also wear out the wheel, which means you’ll have to replace it with the brakes.

On the other hand, disc brakes grip onto the rotor. They can either be mechanical or hydraulic. The former requires manual adjustments as the pads wear out over time, while the latter self-adjusts according to the wear.


Usually, hybrid bikes don’t come with suspension as it reduces the efficiency of pedaling. So if you ride on paved roads, you wouldn’t need suspension as much.

However, if you traverse bumpy roads and rougher terrains, it’s always better to go for a bike with front suspension as this absorbs impact and provides you with a smoother ride.


There are many bikes that go up to 27 or more gears. However, you might not need that many combinations. If you’re mostly going to ride on flat surfaces, go for a smaller number.

However, if you’ll switch a lot between uphill climbs, inclinations, and flat surfaces, then go for a higher number to provide you with the needed versatility.

Does a Hybrid Bike Suit Long Distances?

The answer here doesn’t lie in whether the bike is a hybrid or not, but rather whether it’s a commuter or not.

Commuter bikes typically have the handlebars and brake systems of mountain bikes, the 700c wheels of a road bike, and bike gear attachments found on touring bikes.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid bike to go for long distances, you should find this ultimate combination.

Final Thoughts

While all the bikes I’ve mentioned can be considered the best hybrid bikes on the market, there are some that combine more features in a more efficient way.

If you’re looking for a choice that’s reasonably-priced, durable, and comfortable, I’d recommend the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike.

But if you’re seriously concerned with performance through more versatile terrains, especially rugged ones, you should opt for the Fortified commuter bike. However, it could be a little too expensive. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, you should opt for the Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike.