Best Adult Tricycle for 2020

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A tricycle refers to a vehicle that looks almost like a bicycle but has two wheels at the back and one at the front. It is moved either by peddling or by a motor.

Cycling is vital to everybody’s health because by doing so you are exercising your body and a tricycle becomes the favorite to all because it does not require experience like a two-wheeler.

An adult trike gives an ambiance of fresh air, mobility and having fun and they come in different models and designs that one can choose from. Below are different types you can select from this list of Best Adult Tricycle.

1. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle 24

adult tricycle
3 wheel bikes for adults

The Schwinn Meridian 24” Adult tricycle is designed for 3 wheel bikes for adults with gears and also to suit riders who are small and unable to ride the 26” Meridian tricycle. Its aluminum features include:


A very low aluminium frame that allows you to step in and out easily. It has innovative swept-back handlebars that are designed in a such a way that they are close to the rider where he is able to put his/her hands while riding hence reducing chances of shoulder pain. It has a springer cruiser seat which is comfortable to sit on while riding and it can be adjusted by any kind of a rider to his/her desired comfort.


Has a larger basket that can hold a large number of items and even a pet. It can easily be folded down horizontally.


Its 24” rims and tires are of high quality and outstanding. The two pedals are of high plastic quality with a good grip to the rider’s feet when riding.


It has light reflectors positioned on each of the rear fenders to give the signal to the back traffic at night and foggy condition.

Technical Specification

Has smooth working mechanical rim brakes that are helpful to the cruiser when he wants to stop the trike without any jerking. Has fashionable fenders that protect the rider from getting spilled with mud and loose gravel on his/her back. Has dimensions of 31 by 11 by 52 which makes it more compact, sound and stable during riding. It is a single speed trike, unlike other tricycles that have multi-speed. This makes it insensitive so that you don’t need to keep on shifting between gears while riding.


  • Has a super low frame that the cruiser can sit on with a lot of ease.
  • Its frame is made of aluminum and closer to the rider for him to hold it comfortably.
  • Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it light.
  • Has alloy rims are relatively firm with several spokes to make it strong and durable.
  • It comes with a well detailed and elaborated manual for ease use during assembling.


  • It does not include handlebar mirrors and bells.
  • It might be uncomfortable for taller people to ride.
  • It does come with a helmet.

2. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle 26

3 wheel bikes for adults with gears
adult tricycle

This tricycle is known for its quality and has been on market for a span of more than 100 years. It boasts of the following features;


Its step-through allowance is suitable for both tall and short people, and it provides a low step through its clearance. It has a large basket which is collapsible which is a convenience factor for you if you have a piece of large luggage or a large quantity of shopping. It is able to accommodate your pet so that you can ride along with. The large basket is located at the back and can be collapsed in case you don’t want to use it. You can use the bucket when you go for a picnic. It has back swept handlers that enable you to ride it in an upright position which is good for your back and in a relaxed manner.


It comes in optional colors of 6 that you can choose from, that is, Green, Black, Dark Silver, White, Black, and Black Cherry.


Its warranty is a limited lifetime as a surety of quality of the tricycle.


It comes with an instructional manual  that helps you in the assembly process.

Technical Description

It is a one gear bike with an excellent appearance, and its functionality is very high. It is also durable, and its technical features include:

Single-speed; It is designed in such a way that it is simple to use without limiting its performance and speed when you are riding it. It has a fixed gear model just like other ordinary bikes for comfort while riding.

26” Wheels: The 26” alloy rimmed wheels with stainless-steel pokes guarantees the rider a more speed with perfect stability.

Pull Front and Rear Brakes: This tricycle has the capability of allowing you the rider to stop it at a halt because of the well-positioned outstretched hand brakes both at the front and rear.

Adjustable Spring Seat: The adjustable spring seat offers comfort for riders of long distances.

Lightweight Frame: Its frame is sleek, made from aluminum, weighing about 70 pounds making it very light in weight.

Fenders: They protect the rider from mud and gravel straining his/her back.

Reflectors: It has mirrors both at the front and back of wheels, pedals and fenders for easy busy visibility when riding during the night. The Schwinn Meridian Tricycle has been liked by most people although it has some challenges.  Its pros and cons are as listed below:


  • Its design makes it look functional and attractive.
  • It is a comfortable tricycle to ride on.
  • Its extra- large basket can be helpful in a couple of tasks as storage and picnicking.
  • The 26″ wheels that give the trike stability and speed in stationery and motion states.


  • Its single speed feature limits you.
  • Assembling this tricycle is not easy, and you might need an assistant.

3. Schwinn Meridian Full Size

three wheel bike for seniors
schwinn meridian

This tricycle bike for adults suits low-speed riders. Its gearing ratio makes it easy for the rider to pedal. Below are its main features:


It has a low step-over frame and a chain guard that allow any person to cruise with any dress code. Has aluminum fenders that guard the rider against loose gravel, sand, and mud spilling on his/her back. Its large spring cruiser seat which can be adjusted to the desired height and swept back handlebars that are adjustable from 37” to 40” high.


Has a 26” alloy rimmed wheel that gives it stability and speed. Has swept back handlebars adjustable as from the range of 37” to 40” high. It has a large collapsible basket that can accommodate your shopping or your pet and can be folded when not in use.


  • The larger foldable basket at the rear can help you carry your necessities.
  • The step-through design makes it more comfortable while riding.
  • Has a single speed drive train that allows you to ride with a lot of ease and comfort.
  • The frame made from aluminum steel makes the tricycle durable.


  • It is strenuous to install the front brake.
  • It is hard to pedal because it is slightly heavy.
  • It often needs maintenance.

4. Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed

3 wheel bike
3 speed adult tricycle

With three wheel bike for seniors stability, the Raleigh Tristar 3-Speed is modeled with 3-speeds gear that helps you switch from one gear to another as you raise your speed. It is designed with a 24” wheel at the front and two 20” at the rear to give stability as you ride around the city. Here are some of its main features:


Has a steel step-through frame that makes it easy for the rider to step on and off easily. It has a chain guard for safety purposes against your dress getting stuck in the chain and other dangers.


Its Sturmey Archer 3-speed internally geared hub allows you a selective option to choose your desired gear and makes it be a low maintenance tricycle. It has a V-shaped brake that has a parking lock for safety when parking it and a rear coaster brake that helps you to stop when you pedal backward. It has a basket at the rear that can hold about 45 lbs.


Its frame has a lifetime warranty on the original trike purchaser as long as he/she still maintains the tricycle. The 3-speed adult trike boasts of its optional gears compared to the rest that has a single gear otherwise it is similar to other tricycles as it can climb hills and carry heavy stuff just like the others.


  • It is comfortable and stable while riding.
  • The basket on the rear is quite enough for you to carry some groceries along.
  • It has a lifetime warranty as long as the purchaser still owns it.
  • It has got very responsive brakes giving the rider safety while cruising.
  • It is fashionable and exquisite.
  • Made up of steel for the step-through frame.


  • The 3-speed hub limits you to a fived three gear shift and not beyond
  • It is tedious shifting gears while cruising.

5. KENT Adult Westport Folding Tricycle

folding adult tricycle

The Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle is manufactured by the Kent International company. This is a multi-purpose trike with a single speed, having an extra wide saddle, low clearance step through, rear basket and fenders on the front wheel only. It comes in different types of colors with its frame made of steel. Key features include:


The formidable steel frame that guarantees the rider of safety and rust free. Has a low and comfortable step-through which allows the rider to get on and out of the tricycle conveniently. Has suspension fork cushions situated under the handlebar rod and up above the front tire fender that absorbs any shocks when you encounter potholes, bumps or any other rough surfaces on the road. It has an extra-large and wide saddle compared to others to offer more comfort to the rider and have control and safety while riding. Has a large basket situated at the rear that can be of great value for carrying your shopping, grocery or your pet as you ride along.


Its brakes are superbly efficient designed with linear pulling effect for speed control of your trike. The tricycle has 20” diameter wheels that are ideal in size and shape together with durable tires that gives you the safest ride ever. It has a very prominent feature of a foldable frame for convenience in storing it in the garage. It has got both front and rear light reflectors for easy visibility of the oncoming traffic as well as the traffic behind the rider.


Have alloy rims with 36 spokes on each rim that makes it stronger and durable. The wheels are stronger and very sound.


  • It is a good source of weight loss when you ride it regularly.
  • The single speed feature offers you an ideal speed control.
  • It has a robust, durable and spacious basket at the back.
  • The reflectors situated at both front and rear rims make it visible at night or foggy weather.


  • Being single speed means the rider has to use extra effort.
  • Its package does not include side mirrors.
  • The packaging again does not include a helmet.

6. Komodo Cycling 24

tricycle bike for adults
cool tricycles for adults

Komodo cycling adult 24″ is a 3-wheeled 6-speed trike manufactured by the Shimano Company that has a low clearance step through design which makes it convenient for riders to get on and of the trike. It is easy to assemble and has a large white wire basket located at the back that is useful for carrying your stuff as you ride along. Below are its main features:


It has an ultra-low clearance step through of 15-3/8″ that enables the rider to get on smoothly and off the trike. The saddle is made of very soft components that make it highly comfortable for the rider. It measures 12.25 inches long and 11.75 wide. Has a large wire basket located at the rear that can handle your shopping, your pet or grocery, and any other stuff not more than 240 pounds. It has a slender frame that makes it light in weight and strong. Has a steel stem and a steel handlebar in a BMX style that allows you to sit upright on the seat while the hands placed on it.


This trike comes with five optional colors of classic rogue (maroon/white), Platoon (Army Green), Falcon, Pacer 2 (Green/Black) and Catalina (Light Yellow, Beige Mix)


Has a very high-quality shifter and derailleur which shifts the chain swiftly and smoothly. It is durable and strong. It has light reflectors at the front and at the rear that acts as indicators to the oncoming traffic and the traffic at the back at night. This helps in curbing accidents. Has a 6-speed Shimano RS45 shifter located on the handlebar for smooth shifting of gears when riding. It also has a TY-21 Shimano derailleur linked with a metallic wire to the shifter which shifts the chain through the six gears. Has separate brake system both at the front and rear wheels. The front fixed on the right handle and rear set on the left grip, the rear brakes being made of steel while the front made from alloy.


It comes with a warranty of one year to guarantee the user quality customer care in case some of the components fail within one year of purchase. The wheels are made of alloys with spokes made of stainless steel. The tires fixed on the rims gives a firm grip on the road with a smooth ride.


  • It is firmly and solidly built.
  • The user manual is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • The built-in 6-speed gear hub helps the rider to freely select the desired speed.
  • It is very stable with a very highly smooth in cruise
  • Its comfort feature allows older adults to ride with ease.


  • It is relatively more expensive than any other tricycle due to its specification hence few people can afford to ride it.
  • Although it seems to be easy to assemble due to its body parts together, it will still cost the user some more money to get it entirely fixed and functioning.
  • It is low, and therefore it can’t accommodate taller people.

7. 26” Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle Easy Riding

3 wheel bikes for adults
kent alameda tricycle

This is a 26-inch tricycle whose frame is made of aluminum steel which gives it more stability on the road. It has a 7-speed gear selection and a basket at the rear able to carry some of your stuff like library books. It also has a backrest to enable you to rest your back on while riding and feel comfortable. Its main features include:


It is designed to accommodate riders who are as massive as 200 pounds. Has a big basket at the rear that carries some stuff.


It is a 26-inch dimensional trike. Its back brakes are the drum brakes, and it has chrome fenders. Its pedals are designed to go in the front. It has front and rear hand brakes with dimensions of 70 long by 29 wide by 38 high. Ideal to ride on smooth surfaces.


Its structure is either made of a very high tensile steel or the British racing green. It has got alloy rims measuring 26 inches and the 7-speed shifter by SHIMANO Revo. The Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle is ideal for people who are slow and long distance riders, full of energy and can experience several stopovers on the way.


  • You can ride this tricycle anywhere you wish.
  • Its steel makes it more durable and strong.
  • Any person can ride this tricycle because it does not require any experience
  • It has a variety of colors to choose from


  • Its seat is semi-comfortable.
  • Its wheels are not as durable.

Who Should Get This?

When one decides that he wants to have one of the best tricycles bikes for adults, he must put into consideration the reason for him/her owning it. This is a product with a couple of benefits to most of us. It can be used to run several errands and some daily tasks at no cost. A lot of people like this product due to its benefits and is vital you take into consideration like the budget, market price, and the versions. Each version comes with different specifications and features.

A good tricycle is one which can accommodate all ages of people as it helps in exercising your body. It best works well for cardiovascular exercise and for those who want to do body fitness too. This is because the hands and the legs are mainly in action making muscles on your feet and hands loosen while in a balanced seating position.

On the other hand, people who enjoy shopping and picnicking can benefit the tricycle with a bigger basket. The bigger basket version located at the rear can hold a big bunch of grocery and shopping. The same basket can be converted and be used during the picnic. You can cruise around with your pet on board.

Those who have difficulties in balancing with bicycles, the tricycle are ideal for you. It requires no experience because it has a perfect balance. Those who like riding but have difficulties in cruising over hilly or turf terrain, the trike accommodates them.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Adult Trike?

An adult tricycle can serve you better if you understand the reason for buying it and the purpose you want it to accomplish. When you consider all the ideas, then you can research tricycles. It is annoying when you buy a bicycle that will not serve you as you had wished and at the end, you dump it at the store. Below are some of the guidelines that will help you buy a tricycle that will serve you satisfactorily.

The cost

Trikes come with different specifications and prices. When it comes to the value, you should consider your budget too. Does your budget fit in the cost of the trike you want to buy? If the answer is no, then you must adjust yourself to the trike you can buy. There are tricycles at a lower price and can give you excellent service if you have done proper research


This is a consideration you can’t afford to ignore. If you avoid this consideration, then you will buy a trike that you will use for a short while, and it will be broken down. Look for manufacturer’s specifications like the material it is made of.


Check the dimensions whether there are some allowances for you when you get on and out of the trike. It shouldn’t be too big or too small


Handles are what the rider use most often on the tricycle than any other because they are which help in controlling it. This, therefore, means they should make you safe and comfortable when you hold them. They should not be too rough and not too smooth to cause slipperiness.


Storage matters a lot because for the trike to serve you best you need somewhere to store. Some trikes come with built-in storage or basket attached


Some makes of trikes are foldable, and they do save you storage space, and it becomes convenient when you want to transport it.


Look at the wheels, handlebars, seat and other features how crucial they are on the trike and how useful they are to the rider


When you take into consideration the provided guidelines before you buy Best Adult Tricycles, you are guaranteed you won’t regret about your choice because you are well versed with what you want, how it operates and how it will serve you best.

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