Best Mini Bikes for Adults in 2020

Are you looking to experience riding a motorcycle but in a safer and more controlled manner? A good mini bike for adults is the best option you can go for.

However, the process of looking for one could be a little tough and confusing, especially if you’re not into the automotive scene.

If that’s the case, rest easy. I’ve researched the best mini bikes for adults on the market and put all the info you might need right here in this article.

Check the options out and decide which of these models best suits your needs.

Mini Bikes for Adults – Comparison Table

SpeedMotorWeight CapRun Time
Razor MX650 Rocket17 MPH650 Watt220 pounds40 minutesCheck Price
Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC24 MPH196cc200 poundsN/ACheck Price
Coleman Powersports CT100U25MPH98cc82 pounds3 hoursCheck Price
Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike15 MPH500 Watt175 poundsN/ACheck Price
Monster Moto Electric Mini Bike24 MPH1000 Watt200 poundsN/ACheck Price

The 5 Best Mini Bikes for Adults for 2020


Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike best mini bike for adults

Check Price

The Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike has a strong and robust design, yet it’s pretty compact.

It runs on a 650-Watt electric motor that depends on three 12V batteries.

And while the 17MPH isn’t the highest, it’s still good enough if you’re preparing to switch to a motorcycle.

Moreover, the reliable and sharp design provides you with balance while the geometry-authentic dirt bike frame provides you with a comfortable and smooth ride.

And to maximize your comfort and safety, the Razor MX650 comes with a dual suspension, raiser handle, and large tires.

With a 220-pound weight cap, this one makes a great mini bike for adults and teenagers alike.

  • Comes with a 3-month warranty
  • Lightweight design
  • Dual suspension
  • The shock absorber isn’t very durable
  • Top speed of 17MPH

Bottom Line:

The Razor MX650 is a very suitable choice for someone who’s looking for a mini bike that combines affordability, reliability, and a smooth ride.

2- Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

MASSIMO MB200 SUPERSIZED best mini bike for adults

Check Price

The Massimo MB200 is simply the best gas-powered mini dirt bike for adults.

It comes with a powerful almost 200cc 4-stroke engine that has air-cooling and performs better than nearly all other mini bikes on the market.

Moreover, the Massimo MB200 also comes with several safety features, including a chain guard, an engine stop switch, and an exhaust heat shield. It has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

The Massimo MB200 also comes with dual front suspension cushions that provide you with the smoothest ride possible, even while traversing rougher and bumpy terrain.

And while it’s not the most affordable option, its excellent performance and features give it great value for the price.

The Massimo MB200 is easy to start and has a stylish design with integrated storage where you can keep smaller items for convenience.

  • Easy handling even through rough terrains
  • Straightforward assembly process with complete assembling parts
  • Dual front suspension
  • 6-month warranty
  • Pricey

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a top-notch performance that is as close to a motorcycle as a mini bike gets, you’ll find none better than the Massimo MB200. However, it’s a little pricey.

3. Coleman Powersports CT100U

Coleman Powersports

Check Price

The Coleman Powersports CT100U is a great mini bike because it’s highly-rated and has an old school or classic vibe to it.

It runs on a 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder 98cc gas engine. Combine that with the 3HP, and you get a bike that goes as fast as 25MPH.

When it’s on a full tank of gas, it can run for around three hours straight.

Moreover, this bike comes with a sturdy frame and a very ergonomic design. The low-pressure tires, handle-operated disc brakes, and dual suspension work together to provide you with the smoothest ride possible.

It’s equipped with a rugged clutch that gives you full control over the bike –especially the brakes. This delivers the most reliable and consistent braking.

At 85 pounds, the Coleman Powersports CT100U is not too heavy for an adult to manage. However, it does have a 150-pound weight cap, which makes it suitable for a smaller portion of adults.

It’s also quite affordable, so you can get it for a teenager who will use it for a shorter period until they’re ready for a more powerful option.

  • Quite powerful
  • Suits heavy-duty use thanks to its sturdy build
  • Up to 98cc motor power
  • Very affordable
  • Has a 150-pound weight cap
  • Doesn’t suit many adults

Bottom Line:

Combining a number of great technologies, modern materials, and powerful components, the Coleman Powersports CT100U is the perfect mini bike for adults or teenagers looking for a more powerful upgrade.

4. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket best mini bike for adults

Check Price

The Razor MX500 is your best bet if you’re looking for the most compact pocket electric minibike.

It runs on a 500-watt motor that enables it to reach speeds of 15MPH.

Moreover, it has a clean and sharp geometry dirt frame as well as large and wide pneumatic tires to allow the user to navigate through all kinds of irregular terrain.

With a 175-pound weight cap, it would be a suitable choice for most adults.

And to provide the rider with a smooth ride and maximum driving power, it comes with handlebars and a high-torque chain-driven engine.

  • Durable frame
  • Equipped with a retractable kickstand
  • Ample motor power and speed
  • Brake assembly has some issues
  • Brake assembly has some issues

Bottom Line:

With a dashboard-style user-friendly interface and many great qualities, you’ll enjoy the Razor MX500’s high performance, balance, and lightweight frame.

5. Monster Moto Electric Mini Bike MM-E1000-AF

Monster Moto MM-E250-PR best mini bike for adults

Check Price

With a 1000-watt engine, the Monster Moto MM-E1000-BB is one of the most powerful electric mini dirt bikes for adults.

Its durable construction is thanks to the high-quality materials that the US-based company used. It’s made of no-dent steel metals, so it’s quite strong yet lightweight.

Moreover, you can ride it with ease as it has a soft and comfortable seat.

It comes with footpegs that are equipped with high-quality springs to give you the smoothest journey and prevent any jerking –even on bumpy and irregular surfaces.

Furthermore, the bike can reach a 24MPH speed but still remain stable on the road.

The Monster Moto MM-E1000-BB is also equipped with an indicator in the handlebar to monitor your fuel and charge levels.

  • Easy to ride
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • High-quality steel frame
  • Only takes six hours to reach full charge
  • Durable construction and components
  • Smooth ride even on rugged roads
  • Equipped with a battery level indicator
  • Substandard customer support experience

Bottom Line:

As long as this bike is up and running, there isn’t much to complain about. It’s comfortable, powerful, and easy to handle. However, customer support isn’t the most active. So if you face any issues with the Monster Moto MM-E1000-BB, you should prepare to be patient until it’s fixed.

How to Pick a Mini Bike for Adults?

When you’re shopping for a mini bike for adults, keep these four things in mind to take into consideration. Gather all the information you can and read the reviews on the bike. Once you find everything you need, from the type of engine and reliable gears to the availability of fuel, go for the purchase.

Time for maintenance

To extend the lifespan of your mini bike, you’re going to have to provide it with regular maintenance. And that’s why it’s better if you look for something that’s easy to repair without professional help from a technician.

Riding space

How much space do you have available for riding? To practice riding your mini bike effectively, you need some adequate space. And the less you have, the smaller the bike you should get and the less speed you should roll with.


Mini bikes are a good way to practice your way into riding motorcycles –but that doesn’t mean you should buy one whose price is close to one!

Spend money to get a bike with excellent safety features, but don’t overspend on features that you might not be able to use freely, such as speed if you don’t have wide space to practice.


Look up the construction materials of the bike’s frame and components. Also, check the handlebars and tires to make sure they’re good for rugged terrains.

How to Choose the Correct Size Mini Bike

There are three things to consider when you want to get the correct bike size for you: your experience level, height, and weight.

New riders and younger users should go under the 110cc range.

Moreover, make sure you’re tall enough for your feet to touch the ground when you’re sitting forward on the bike.

If your feet sit flat on the ground while you’re sitting on the bike, then the ride is too small for you. This puts more weight on the suspension and makes you experience bumps with more effect.

But you shouldn’t get one where you can only stand on your tippy-toes. The ideal is to have your whole forefoot on the ground.

Finally, the more experienced you are, the smaller the bike you can get as you’d be able to keep a balance between the suspension and your weight.

However, if you’re only starting out, make sure your bike is properly-sized and not too small.

How Fast do Mini Bikes Go?

Mini bikes are capable of reaching a wide range of speeds with a minimum of 30 or 40 mph and up to 60 or 80 mph. However, some weaker electric models are only capable of going up to around 15 mph.

Who Should Buy a Mini Bike?

A mini bike suits anyone that wants to experience riding a motorcycle but doesn’t have the budget to invest in a full-sized one.

It’s also a good option for those not looking for a street-legal vehicle and want to ride on their own private property.

Moreover, if you have a child that wants to move to ride motorcycles, starting out and practicing on a mini bike is the best option for them.

Final Thoughts

The 5 options I’ve mentioned above are the best mini bikes for adults you’ll find on the market. But even so, some of them combine better features than others.

I’d recommend the Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC Mini Bike if you’re looking for a very powerful model that’s capable of reaching higher speeds. It provides you with amazing value for the price. However, you could be looking for a more affordable option, in which case, I’d recommend the Coleman Powersports CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike.

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