Best Three Wheel Recumbent Bike: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for a more comfortable bike-riding experience? If so then you should consider the best three wheel recumbent bike. This cycle not only puts you in a comfortable/ergonomic reclining position but you also get extra stability from the third wheel. In terms of comfort and stability, the
3 wheels recumbent bicycle is an outstanding choice.

What is a Recumbent Bike?

A recumbent bike/trike puts the rider closer to the ground in a position that’s comfier than a standard bike. These units include a larger seat and back support so the user can sit back when operating the bicycle.

The reclined position takes a strain off the back, and the seat’s position and 3 wheels improve balance due to the low center of gravity. Three-wheeled recumbent bikes can provide a solid calorie-burning workout. Since the users are more comfortable, they’re more likely to do longer sessions and thus burn more calories.

Best Three Wheel Recumbent Bikes in 2019

1. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

obo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle three wheel recumbent bike


The Triton Pro offers the many benefits of a 3-wheel tricycle. They include low-impact exercise, reclined seat, low center of gravity, and a good option for riders of any age and men/women/kids. You can get in a good workout on flat and slightly-sloping paved surfaces. The Mobo 3-wheeler is made of a high-tensile steel frame. This helps to boost the form and function of the unit and extend the lifespan of the unit.

The chainless design of the recumbent also offers no-maintenance functionality. Bike chains can be one of the most high-maintenance components of a bike especially when they don’t function well or don’t stay in place. It won’t be a problem with the Triton Pro.

The unit also includes other design features. They include:

  • 20-inch front wheel
  • Free-wheel hub
  • Inflatable rubber tires
  • 16-inch rear wheels
  • Caliper handbrakes

These features all add value to the adult trike. The adjustable frame makes it easy to tweak the bike for the entire family to ride. Just about anyone can ride the adult pedal tricycle.


The 3-wheeled recumbent is operated by using dual-joystick steering. Basic hand movements are needed, which provides smooth maneuverability. Since the bike is easy to operate it’s a good option for new bike riders. The unit is also good for special needs adults and autistic children who have problems with balance.


The bike can be adjusted easily to fit riders ranging from 41’2″ to 6’3″ and a maximum of 250 pounds. This provides more flexibility in the number of riders the recumbent bike can accommodate. The Triton Pro can be used for a wide range of applications. They include trips to the store/market, leisure rides, or even walking the dog.


The large seat provides more support than a standard upright bike. This is critical to keep you as comfortable as possible when operating the unit. Since the comfort level is higher, this makes it easier to go on long bike rides and thus burn more calories.


The bike is bundled with a safety flag. The Triton Pro also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company’s customer service will handle any question or problems you have about the product.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Good for kids on the autistic spectrum
  • Excellent option for seniors


  • Pedals might keep falling off
  • Bad turn radius
  • Two rear axles not aligned

2. Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike

Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike three wheel recumbent bike


The Mobito is kid-size and adjusts for children with a maximum 4’8″ height and 180-lb. weight. It can also be ridden by kids aged 4+ years old. The back seat also provides 6 angle settings for more comfort. And better ergonomics. A third wheel is an excellent option for boys/girls who want/need more stability offered by an upright bicycle. It’s also more comfortable since the rider is in a reclining position like old-school Big Wheels.

This unit includes an adjustable frame so you can make tweaks to accommodate your child’s height/size. The frame is made from high-tensile steel, so it’s heavy-duty and long-lasting.


The Mobito is an easy-to-ride trike for kids. It’s designed for cruising/exercise on flat/gently-sloping paved surfaces. This kids trike requires no balance since it’s a 3-wheel bike that’s low to the ground. This maximizes stability. Children can operate the recumbent bike using dual-joystick steering with basic hand movements.

There’s also a low-maintenance chainless design, which is much easier to maintain than a standard bike chain. Other features include 16-in. front wheels, 12-in. rear wheels, and safety flag. Some assembly is required before using this trike.


This is a kid’s recumbent trike. Mobo also offers several recumbent 3-wheel recumbent bikes for adults.


The trike offers a low-impact exercise that benefits muscles and heart/lung health with low-impact. The unit is also safe/easy to use due to the reclined seat vs. standard upright bicycles.


A safety flag is bundled with the bike.


  • Easier for kids to peddle
  • Good for muscle/joint issues
  • Good for kids with special needs


  • Shipping/packaging/damaged
  • Back wheel bearings
  • Hard to adjust as child grows

3. Performer JC26X Recumbent Trike 27S FRP

Performer JC26X Recumbent Trike 27S FRP three wheel recumbent bike


This is an affordable tricycle that includes rear suspension and direct steer from the JC series. It includes high-end components including Shimano, Microshift, and Tektro. These all add value to the 3-wheel recumbent to provide a better experience. The trike is also available in several colors including:

  • Apple Green
  • Diamond Silver
  • Pearl Blue
  • Pure Black
  • Violet Purple


Direct-Steer provides better control of the trike. Rear Suspension helps to make riders smoother so you’ll be more comfortable when operating the unit.


The JC26X is a good option for various applications like recreation, road, rail trail, and touring. So if you’re planning to bike for these reasons you should consider this unit.


A 3-wheel recumbent bike provides many benefits vs. standard upright bikes in terms of ergonomics. The third wheel provides more stability, which is critical for kids/adults who have health conditions that negatively affect their balance. The rider is also more comfortable due to the large seat. This is one of the main benefits of upright bikes since it helps keep the rider comfortable for long rides in particular.

The reclining position also provides benefits since there’s less stress put on the lower back/pelvis. This is caused by leaning forward to contact the handlebars, although over time it can cause various health issues and even the chance of flipping over the handlebars.

Finally, recumbents also provide better aerodynamics since your body doesn’t function like a “wall” that blocks airflow. As a result, your ride will be smoother even if you’re riding against headwinds. This results in faster speeds, less fatigue, and longer rides.


The JC26X is bundled with head-rest, back-rest, and fenders. These are items that could add up quickly if you purchased them separately. You’ll also get an assembly guide/manual with warranty info when purchasing the JC26X. This is everything you’ll need to get started with the trike.


  • Very easy assembly
  • Lightweight trike
  • Shipping/packaging


  • High price range
  • Too many speeds for newbies
  • Rear derailleur

4. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike


A recumbent provides a low center of gravity. This makes it easy to peddle straight or make turns. The rider has more ability, so it’s a good option for adults/kids who have balance issues due to physical/mental conditions.

The Shift can be adjusted to accommodate large and small riders ranging from 4’0″ to 6’3″ and weights up to 250 lbs. This offers more versatility since even tall and overweight people can use the trike effectively.

This trike is made of sturdy high-tensile steel. This helps to extend the lifespan of the unit since the material is durable and rust-resistant. Meanwhile, the chainless design is low-maintenance. Standard bike chains are difficult to maintain since they need frequently oiling and sometimes slide off the drivetrain. This can be a hassle to deal with and especially when you’re riding your bike.


The trike can be steered easily using the dual-joystick steering. This provides smooth maneuverability with basic hand movements. The Reverse Gear feature is a gem-changer for 3-wheeled trikes. This allows you to back up quickly whenever you need to.


This is an adult tricycle for men/women. It’s designed for exercise/cruising on different paved surfaces including flat and slightly-sloping terrain. You’ll have to do some assembly before using the recumbent bike, which is expected.


The reclining position offers 6 angle settings. This allows you to adjust the backrest so you’ll be as comfy as possible when riding the trike. One of the main benefits of recumbents is they take pressure off the lower back/pelvis that results from operating standard upright bikes.


The Shift recumbent includes 20-inch front wheels, 16-inch rear wheels, caliper brakes, and safety flag.


  • Good option for riders with bad backs
  • Good durability and aesthetics
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not large enough for large adults
  • Very hard to control the direction
  • The bike seems to rattle/shake

5. Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle

Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle three wheel recumbent bike


The Artifice includes a foldable chrome-moly frame. This makes it easier to transport and store the recumbent when you’re not using it. That’s because it becomes quite compact when you fold up the bike and won’t take up lots of space. If you’re looking for a high-performance adult trike, then Artifice is a good option. It includes several bells and whistles you can’t find on several other models.


The adult tricycle includes 24 speeds and 3×8 drivetrain. This provides better operation when you’re riding the bike up inclined terrain, for example. The number of speeds provided is quite high vs. other units on the market.

The low turn resistance is like automobile steering so you’ll get similar performance as when driving a car or truck. You can also park the bike easily due to the brake lever’s lock. This is important when you’re done riding so you can keep the unit safe for the next session.

The high-end derailleur has less mechanical resistance. This results in a smoother ride whenever you use the adult trike.


The Artifice is a good option for high-speed riding due to the inter-crossing steering linkages. This allows you to ride at faster speeds when using high gears.


The Artifice offers a comfy recumbent design, which provides better ergonomics. You’ll experience a comfy feeling of suspension when riding the adult trike. This includes a mesh seat. Since the seat is comfortable, you’ll be able to ride the bike longer and will stay comfy for a long time.


You get a 26-inch rear wheel, 20-inch front wheel, aluminum rims, and stainless steel spokes. These all provide benefits in terms of durability and stability.


  • Durable tricycle
  • Almost fully assembled
  • Works well on level/downhill terrain


  • Hard to assemble back seat
  • Low-quality gearing
  • No instructions included

Benefits of Recumbent Trikes

Increased Safety

If safety is a major concern for you when cycling, then you should definitely consider a recumbent trike. Many of the issues you’d have to deal with when riding a traditional upright bike aren’t a problem with recumbent bikes.

Here are some examples. Flying off the bike from a hard break or sliding because you took a turn too quickly won’t be an issue. On the down-side recumbents provide you with less visibility to vehicles and they have less visibility of you. You’ll need to use mirrors to see behind you or move your bike out farther than normal to make yourself visible in traffic.

If you’re planning to ride the bike on country roads or in the park, then the visibility issues won’t even be a problem. In fact, if you want to be on the safe side, these are wise choices to prevent possible visibility issues when riding around town.

More Speed

Fun Fact: The world’s fastest human-powered vehicle is a recumbent bike. If you have the need for speed, then consider a 3-wheel recumbent bike. The main reason is the better aerodynamics of recumbents vs. uprights. A traditional bicycle results in the rider functioning like a vertical “wall” that blocks the free-flow of air over you and the bike. When you’re reclined the air/wind flow over the top. So even if you’re traveling through strong headwinds, you can still roll through them fairly easily.

Riders w/ Disabilities

If you’re a biker with disabilities, then you should consider recumbent bikes and hand crank-operated ones in particular. Biking can produce the same “runner’s high” euphoric feelings and can definitely lift the spirits of people with disabilities. A 3-wheel model is also a good choice since there’s extra stability with the third wheel.

Fewer Back/Pelvis Issues

Since the rider is in a reclined position issues usually related to the lower back and pelvis. When riding a regular bike, the rider often has to learn forward to contact the handlebars. This puts stress on the back/shoulders and added pressure on bones/muscles that aren’t designed to bear it.

A recumbent bike solves this problem since you’re in a reclined instead of upright position. Since you won’t have to deal with lower back/pelvic pain, you can ride longer and for more consecutive days. This provides a better bike-riding experience, and that’s always a good thing.

Better Ergonomics

The reclining position and large seat help deliver better ergonomics for the rider. This takes tons of stress off the back and distributes it more evenly over other body parts. It will take some time for your body to adjust to this change, but ultimately you’ll experience more comfort and less fatigue.

Key Features of Recumbent Trikes

When selecting the best 3 wheel, recumbent bike here are some key features to consider:


Make sure to consider the quality of the materials used to produce the recumbent bike. The frame’s material is most important for issues like rust-prevention and unit’s lifespan. While steel is often used to produce recumbents you should still find out the grade that’s used to determine the overall quality.

Front/Rear Tires

Make sure to research the size of the tires in particular. This is important based on the height/weight of the people who will be riding the trike. It’s critical to have large enough tires to support the rider(s). Other issues include the tires’ design and materials since this will affect the functionality/durability of the units.


The seat of recumbent bikes is generally larger than upright bikes. You should still research details about a particular model’s seat including the size, material, and ergonomics.


If you buy from an online retailer like Amazon you should expect to do some assembly. That’s OK! Just make sure clear/detailed instructions are included with the trike so the process will be easier. It’s also a plus if YouTube videos are available as a supplementary guide for putting the trike together.


If portability is a top priority for you, then you should definitely consider a foldable trike. If a model has this feature, it usually includes both the seat the frame. The main benefit is the recumbent becomes much more compact for transport/storage, which is a big plus for travelers for owners living in 4-season climates.

However, it can also result in a tradeoff of the material’s durability. Make sure you’re not buying an adult trike that’s both foldable and flimsy since the benefits of the foldability would be offset.


3-wheel recumbents are a niche, so fewer manufacturers make them vs. 2-wheel recumbents, for example. However, brands like Mobo Cruiser have established themselves as trustworthy brands. Make sure to research different brands, and it’s advisable to avoid generic/off brands since it could be a big gamble.


Look for recumbents with at least a limited warranty. You should also research what is and isn’t covered, which is usually included in the terms & conditions. Typically this includes defects due to materials/craftsmanship although sometimes you can even find comprehensive warranties.  You should also research if it’s a lifetime warranty or valid for X years.

Customer service is also critical. For example, does the company offer 24/7 support? How long does it take to reply to emails? Does it have a good/bad track record for customer support? These are all big issues in case you have any questions/concerns about a recumbent trike.


When picking a trike, make sure to consider various issues in terms of the unit’s applications. That includes whether it’s designed for adults/men/women or kids. You should also find out the height and weight ranges of the unit since this could prevent you from using a certain trike.

Then there’s the type of riding you’ll be doing. Will you be riding on mostly flat/downhill terrain? Will you need to do little or lots of steering/braking? Will you be going on short rides along country rides or using the trike for exercising errands, and dog-walking?


It’s common for manufacturers of adult trikes to offer

Frame Adjustability

This is especially important if different family members will be riding the same 3-wheel recumbent. In that case, you’ll want to make tweaks so riders of different heights/weights will be able to ride the bicycle comfortably. You should also check the height/weight range a particular unit supports.


These are all related issues so make sure to research the offerings of a particular trike. For example, if you want to ride up steeper terrain then consider a 24-gear trike. High-performance brakes are a must-have if you plan to do fast pedaling. Look for high-quality units like Shimano to get the best results. The suspension is another critical issue to take up when picking an adult tricycle. It’s especially important if you’ll be riding your trike on some bumpy terrain.


If you want to do biking that’s healthy, comfortable, and safe, then you should consider these best three wheel recumbent bikes. They provide all the benefits of upright backs minus the back/pelvis strain and bad aerodynamics. Whether you’re young/old, male/female or disabled, these recumbent trikes are outstanding choices. Three wheels are better than two!

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