The Best Bicycles For Seniors 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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Cycling is a great way to increase your sun time, exercise, and get a breath of fresh air as you get older.

And to truly enjoy your cycling experience, you need a comfort bicycle for seniors.

If you’re looking for the best bicycles for seniors on the market, I’ve gathered them right here on this list.


The overall best bike for seniors

The Best 5 Bicycles for Seniors for 2020

Without any further ado, here are the best bikes for seniors that you can get today.

Best Step-Through Bike For Seniors – Ancheer Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike 

Ancheer Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike

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The Ancheer Commuting Electric Cruiser Bike is a pedal-assist electric bike with excellent features for senior recreational riders. Firstly, the low step-through frame is ideal for ease of mounting and dismounting which makes it one of the best bicycles for seniors. The frame is constructed with a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy. 

The electrical bike has an impressive 6-speed gear that provides the power required for hill-climbing and venturing off the pavement if required to go onto off-road terrain. You will find commuting the city streets on the e-bike ideal with the comfort of wider handlebars which support a relaxed riding posture, therefore, reducing back pain. 

This model is designed to reduce stress, pain and fatigue with a lightweight fork and compact appearance and three workings-modes. The three modes include E-Bike, Assisted Bike and Normal Bike offering senior riders a choice of combinations as needed. When a rider chooses to activate the bikes pedal-assist mode, they can cruise effortlessly and complete their ride with ease. This allows for a mixture of leisure riding and physical activity.

  • The price is much lower than many electric bikes on the market
  • Low step-through frame
  • Excellent capacity 12.5 AH lithium-ion battery
  • Brushless gear motor allows travel for up to 35 miles
  • 6-8 hours charging time plus charging on/off the bike is possible
  • High strength aluminum fork is lightweight and easy to manage
  • Adjustable Stem Length for personalised comfort
  • A great all-rounder for recreational riding
  • The external battery is considered large and bulky
  • The bike frame is only available in one size and may not be suitable if taller than 6’1

Bottom Line:  This is a popular choice amongst those looking for an affordable electric bike that ensures a smooth ride and an easy commute. The bright LED lights make it easy to change the active modes and the adjustable features allow customisation for each rider. The product includes 1 E-bike, 1 battery charger and 1 tool kit for assembly and is great value for money. Ideal for anyone looking for a low step-through frame.

Best Cruiser Bikes For Seniors –  Viribus Beach Cruiser Bike

Viribus Beach Cruiser for seniors

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The Viribus Beach Cruiser Bike makes our Best Cruiser Bikes for Seniors because it is a simple, cost-effective, single-speed cruiser. The cruiser is perfect for day trips to the beach, riding around town and exploring at a relaxed pace. The high carbon fibre steel frame paired with the low step-through design is ideal for senior riders who need a good quality yet comfortable bike at an affordable price. The large, durable tires work as a great shock absorber to minimise the impact of any bumps on the road. 
Newly released in 2020, the sleek and glossy finish makes it a popular cruiser bike with both men and women. The cruiser is available in two sizes, 24 and 26-inch wheels which feature durable alloy rims and front and rear band breaks. The comfortable padded seat and smooth handlebars are great for extended rides whilst avoiding unnecessary stress on your body.

  • Cruiser saddle features spring suspensions and thick padding
  • Includes front basket for convenience
  • Equipped with front and rear fenders
  • Multipurpose rear-rack included
  • Low stand-through frame for easy dismount
  • Suitable for beginner riders
  • Extended handlebars for a comfortable riding position
  • Available in 2 sizes & suitable for Men and Women
  • May be difficult to assemble; buyers reviewed complicated instruction guide

Bottom Line: This is a simple and effective choice for a single-speed cruiser bike that will be ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors and ride in comfort and style. Senior riders should find this a comfortable and practical cruiser bike that is perfect for enjoying a leisurely ride. 

Best Comfort Bike For Seniors – Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

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The Schwinn Meridian Trike is a fantastic tricycle for senior riders who wish to ride in comfort. This is a newly redesigned model featuring 26-inch wheels and a strong aluminium standover frame. Due to the single-speed of this trike and the rear expander brakes, it is both easy to use and safe. This is important for senior riders as shifting gears can be tiresome. A single-speed option is the purest form of cycling and is basic enough for everyone to use. 

The trike is particularly comfortable with a wide swept-back cruiser handlebar option which can be adjusted from 37 inches to 40 inches to reduce aches and pains. The adjustable cruiser spring-based seat works to provide additional support with even weight distribution for longer journeys. The front alloy linear-pull break will ensure secure stopping power when it is needed. 

For seniors, this trike is particularly practical as it has a large rear folding cargo basket that can be used for running errands such as buying groceries and three wheels offer more stability than a standard two-wheel bicycle. A trike is one of the best bicycles for seniors as it will remain stable and upright meaning riders can enjoy the benefit of remaining seated whilst stationary.

  • Includes a large rear cargo storage basket
  • Easy single-speed drivetrain
  • Wide cushioned saddle for support
  • Adjustable cruiser handlebars for added comfort
  • Ready to assemble at home
  • A trike is a heavier and less compact than a regular bike
  • A trike is not recommended for rough terrain and is better suited to paved roads
  • The lower profile of a trike (seat is closer to the ground) may make mounting and dismounting complicated depending on the individual rider

Bottom Line: If you are in the market for a trike, then the Schwinn Meridan Trike is a great choice. The three-wheeled cruiser provides a stable and durable frame, adjustable features, and a handy storage option making it ideal for daily use. For less than $500 it is great value for money in comparison to other adult trikes on the market. Schwinn has long been a reputable brand since 1898 creating high-quality and affordable bikes for everyone. 

Best Bike For Senior Women – Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Huffy Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser

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The classic Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike is a great choice for commuting, leisure trips and exploring the outdoors in style.

There are so many wonderful features included with this bike that you are sure to enjoy.

Firstly, there is a unique colour palette available in Gloss Blue. Then there is the front carry basket and a water bottle holder fitted to the handlebars for ease of use. The cruiser has a rear rack for additional storage making sure it is perfect for any outdoor or shopping occasion. The fenders provide the beautiful creme and tan wheels with added protection and the padded saddle works to ensure comfort on longer commutes.

A single-speed cruiser bike is ideal for seniors. You can focus on enjoying the ride. Last, but not least, this cruiser looks great with a lovely retro style which will complement any rider.

  • Single-speed gear
  • Easy-to-use coaster brakes
  • 26″ x 2.35″ tires with alloy rims
  • Classic fenders
  • Cruiser handlebar with dual-density grips
  • Padded spring saddle with stylish embroidery
  • Quick-release seat binder for easy adjustments
  • Durable all-wear pedals
  • Features the Huffy Perfect Fit Frame (allowing a more upright seated position)
  • Heavy steel frame, best for flat paved surfaces without inclines or rough terrain
  • Difficult to assemble

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a wonderful women’s cruiser bike for anyone who is looking for a low-cost option that is both stylish and comfortable. It makes the perfect commuter bike with the added safety of the easy-to-use coaster brake. The features on this cruiser are designed to make sure you can get outdoors and have a fun time exploring on the paved roads with ease.

Best Bike For Senior Men – Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Men’s Touring City Bike

Sixthreezero Ride in The Park senior bike

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If you are searching for the perfect Men’s Cruiser Bike, thean the SixThreeZero Classic 3-Speed Men’s Cruiser Bike might just be what you have been looking for! The Shimano internal hub paired with the easy-to-use Nexus shifter means that you can ride without any hassle. 

Some of the many benefits of this bike include a rear rack for optional customised baskets, matching fenders, double-walled rims, durable grips and a sleek ergonomic aluminum frame. 

This cruiser packs modern features with a vintage image that is especially suited for leisurely rides around the city. A cruiser bike is made for low-speed, low-impact rides with tough tires that work as a shock absorber to reduce the impact of rough terrain. This makes a cruiser especially ideal for senior riders as the upright position and comfortable saddle improves one’s ability to ride their bike.

  • Dual-spring seat saddle
  • Customisable click-on accessories available
  • Shock absorbent hybrid tires
  • Synthetic leather hand grips are slip-resistant
  • 85% pre-assembled on delivery
  • Multiple sizes and colour options available
  • Cruiser bikes are larger and therefore have a heavier frame
  • Not intended for rough terrain or steep inclines
  • Not practical for long-distance riding

Bottom Line: This is one of the best Men’s commuter bikes available for under $500 that is designed by ThreeSixZero who are known for good quality bikes and varying styles. The bike is both customisable and practical and is ideal for exploring paved city streets and taking in the sights. This model is also available in a Men’s 7-Speed and both the 3 and 7-speed versions are available in either grey or black. 

Best Overall – Schwinn Discover Hybrid

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The Schwinn Discover comes with a suspension for that cushions the gears and enable the rider to regulate the speed. Combine that with 21 speeds, and you get full control over the speed of the bike.

Moreover, the Promax alloy linear brakes are good for urban traffic. However, it’s recommended that you make sure they work well before you take it on a ride.

For a more comfortable grip and better control, the Schwinn Discover comes with swept up handlebars.

Its sturdiness enables the user to carry a lot of weight with no trouble –so it’s an excellent bike for older people that like to go shopping.

Also, replacing the plastic rear rack with a metal one would be a better choice that takes no time or effort.

  • Lightweight, sturdy, and strong
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • Tough and durable with all kinds of terrain
  • Has a stylish and retro look
  • Suits all types of users
  • Comes with a cheap plastic rear rack
  • Some mechanical issues may arise with the brakes

Bottom Line:

The Schwinn Discover is a great step-through that suits people of all heights, genders, and ages.

However, before you get to cycling, make sure you drop it at the mechanic’s to check the brakes.

Sixthreezero Body Ease

sixthreezero bike for seniors

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Sixthreezero is as comfortable as a bike can get.

The cruiser configuration facilitates pedaling, and it comes with 2-inch slick tires that provide the rider with maximum comfort.

It’s designed in a way that allows the rider to maintain an upright position with no strain whatsoever on their back.

Moreover, the rear rack is a nice addition that allows you to carry baskets and other items.

It has a single-speed system which will simplify greatly the cycling. Concentrate fully on the road, nothing else.

However, it’s a small-size bike, so it might not suit taller people, and why it’s a great bicycle for women.

It also looks great and comes in a variety of colors and styles for you to chose from.

  • Attractive color with an appealing design
  • Reasonable price
  • Cushioned seat with an upright design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to mount and get off
  • Shock-absorption that maximizes comfort
  • The original seat may be too hard and need replacement

Bottom Line:

In terms of comfort and ease of use, the Sixthreezero is an amazing choice. Its design and features make it a very suitable bike for a 60-year old woman or people with back problems.

How Is Cycling Good For Aging Bodies?

Our biological peaks usually occur between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years of age. From then on, the body begins to lose muscle, and the functions of the heart and lung weaken. Moreover, your exercise capacity and body’s ability to recover from intense activity decline. 

Cycling can effectively slow down the progression of ageing, muscle deterioration and much more, according to a study reported by The Guardian. Cycling helps to maintain stable testosterone levels in men, preserve strength, stabilise body fat levels, and improve cholesterol levels. Overall, riding a bike is a great way to maintain your health and stay active. 

Furthermore, as we get older the thymus, the organ that produces T-cells begins to shrink. T-cells are essential for the immune response to antigens. The study showed that cyclists make as many T-cells as younger individuals. Moreover, another study showed that interval training, such as cycling changed activity levels in genes that have an impact on mitochondria health. And of the group of interval trainers, cyclists especially had more noticeable results.

Compared to other sports suchas jogging; riding a bike is relatively low impact. Choosing the bike that is right for you is key in successfully enjoying the sport. 

Selecting The Ideal Bicycle for Senior Riders?

There are five key factors to consider when shopping for a bicycle for senior cyclists. For anyone who is looking to ride a bike, comfort and safety is highly important! Let’s take a look at the five top points:

Comfort: Bikes are perfectly safe for seniors but it is important to find the correct level of comfort and the support for the individual rider. The comfort factor is one of the most essential features to look for when you’re buying a bicycle for a senior. As people age, it is important to minimize additional aches and pains during physical activity. 

The combination of the bicycle frame, seat, fit, and suspension will determine the level of comfort it can provide to the rider. A great alternative for reducing fatigue is to purchase a bike with an electric motor known as an e-bike. These allow for pedal-assistance as needed by the rider creating added comfort on longer commutes.

Frame: The best kind of bike frame to purchase for a senior rider is the low step-through frame. This particular design enables the rider to mount and dismount the bicycle easily without having to manoeuvre their legs around the tubes of the frame. In addition to the step-through frame, senior riders may find a tricycle frame beneficial for reducing strain on the body as it remains stable when stationary. 

Fit: An upright riding position is the best for a senior rider as it causes less stress on the lower back, so it’s easier to ride. Another thing to consider about the fit of the bike is the handlebars. The best choice is the upright, wide-swept handlebars. These, too, put less strain on the back and don’t require a crouching position over the bicycle. 

Seat: Comfortable seats or saddles are made of padded foam or gel. As a senior rider, the saddle you choose will have a significant impact on your level of physical comfort. Steer away from the metal or plastic seats found on many bikes which don’t provide the required support for senior recreational riders. The seat should allow of ease of movement, reduce pain in the sit bones and minimise stress on the hips and lower back.

Suspension: The suspension of the bike determines the weight it can carry and the kind of terrain it’s able to traverse. It should be placed at the fork of the bicycle where it absorbs direct impact from the road or on the seat post. Choose a bicycle with suspension that provides the rider with enough comfort and a smooth ride with adequate shock absorption to minimise the risk of injury. 

Final Thoughts

Biking is a fantastic hobby for seniors who want to explore the outdoors and stay healthy. A recent survey in the United States showed that seniors made up nearly 30% of new riders in recent years with the majority of new riders over the age of 55.

Why wait? Get your new bike today and start feeling the benefits of riding! There are a large number of best bikes for senior riders that provide the ideal blend of comfort, style and safety.