The Best Bicycles For Seniors

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Who says biking is just for young people? Believe it or not, older people can still enjoy biking just like any regular person can. All they need is to ride a bike that is specifically made (or at least well-suited) for people in their age bracket. That’s why we’ve decided to list down the best bicycles for seniors. Hopefully, after reading this article, you should be able to find one that will be best suited for your needs. So without further ado, here are the best bicycles for seniors.

1. Sixthreezero Body Ease

sixthreezero Body Ease Best Bicycles For Seniors

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There’s never been a bike that is more suited for the elderly than the Sixthreezero Body Ease. As the name suggests, this bike really eases the body into the riding experience. As we grow older, biking should be a fun and not painful activity. The sixthreezero Body Ease does that for you. It creates a ride that is as easy on your body as it is on the road. Its Body Ease Geometry will smooth out bumps on the road. What happens is, it lets the bike absorb the bumps while still protecting your body.

The bike is basically built for the recreational rider who normally stays under 20 mph and less than 30 miles per ride. That’s why it is best suited for seniors. The Tension Free Upright riding position also helps elderly people to enjoy riding because it takes pressure off the most common pressure points, which are the shoulders, knees, lower back, bottom and wrists.  It’s Cloud Soft Suspension Seat also absorbs vibrations, which virtually eliminates that “numb butt” feeling that most riders often experience after a long ride.

This bike also uses the Vibrazorb Suspension Fork. This fork helps the front wheel absorb bumps and bounces, which will then reduce handlebar vibrations so that your hands won’t go numb. What’s more, the Vibrazorb Front Suspension Fork can also be engaged or locked out depending on the terrain and ride. When it is engaged, the fork will absorb bumps. When it is switched off, the wheels will have less drag and roll faster and smoother, thus allow the bike to glide easily on the road. This mode is great for speed rides on pavement or downhill casual rides on smooth surfaces (but then again, we’re pretty sure seniors don’t actually do that). All in all, what makes this a great bike for the seniors is its versatility. It is a bike that you can use to go where you want, pain free.

  • Great price point
  • ery comfortable ride
  • Features are well suited for senior citizens
  • Great build quality
  • Good riding position
  • Pre-assembled package needs to be adjusted

2. Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker Step

Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker Step Best Bicycles For Seniors

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If you are looking for a well made, sturdy, and comfortable bike (who isn’t?), then the Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker Step is an excellent choice. Although it is a single-speed bike that is designed for the modern, urban hybrid rider, it does fit well with senior citizens too.

The design of this is a bit retro, but it does have straightforward functionality and premium, high quality components. What’s good about this bike is that it has a step-thru frame that is easy to mount. It also comes with leather grips, mustache handlebars and a leather saddle. As you can see, those features are all geared towards providing the same comfort that a beach cruiser offers.

This bike also has KT coaster brake hubs that will allow you to just coast and brake with your feet. This design eliminates all cables and wires and makes this bike a stylish, minimalistic one. Another feature that this bike has that is well suited for seniors is its 32-Spoke front and rear wheels. You might wonder what that has to do with senior citizens, but here’s the answer. It is actually built with lightweight, 30-millimeter deep-v rims, which will allow for a more comfortable and smoother ride. All in all, it is a nice lightweight bike without frills. It is easy to assemble too. But best of all, it provides a smooth and comfortable ride, which is all you will really need if you are a senior citizen looking ride a bike for just a bit.

  • Stylish retro design
  • Great price point
  • Great build quality
  • Very smooth ride and handling
  • Single speed only

3. Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Bike

Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Bike Best Bicycles For Seniors

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Last on our list is the Detour 2. This is a hybrid bike made by Raleigh and is mainly designed for people who are looking for comfort and stability rather than speed and performance. This is why it is perfect for seniors. The smooth and comfortable ride it offers is virtually one of the best in the business. Every feature this bike has, is designed to make cycling a pleasurable and painless experience.

What makes this bike ideal for elderly people is because it allows you to sit in a natural, upright riding position. Plus, it also provides plenty of gears, if ever you decide that you can still take on steep climbs. The saddle is also very comfortable because it is spring-loaded. It has no-slip pedals and comfort grips that will make sure you are relaxed and happy while you are riding. It also has a back-sweep on the handlebars, which will help take the stress off your lower back and neck. That really comes in very handy for elderly people because those are prone to pain as you get older. All in all, what really makes this bike great is its full-size road bike wheels and rack and fender mounts, smooth and comfortable ride, plus an excellent price point. It is the perfect commuter bike or all-around city bike for seniors.

  • Well designed
  • Has several features suitable for senior citizens
  • Great build quality
  • Made of premium parts
  • Great price point
  • Multiple gears
  • Doesn’t have a stand
  • Fixing of the chain according to the gearing position will require skills

How To Find The Right Bicycle For Seniors

Deciding to go ride a bike is actually a wise decision if you are getting older. It is actually good exercise. It is a great cardio workout that is easy on the joints and as you already know, a great workout that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the joints can prove invaluable for elderly people. The problem is, with all the choices you have, which one should you go for? Let us help you out with that.

When you are aged 60 and above, your priority now should be to get a bike that provides the most comfort as possible. Remember, you are not as young as you used to be and biking won’t be the same as it was in your heyday. So, it is better to aim for a bike that won’t cause any discomfort to you so that you can continue doing it.

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. As with any shopping process, you have to decide how much your budget is. This is basically the main deciding factor for your purchase. So set your price range before going to a bike shop.

The next thing you need to do is to carefully consider your needs. You have to balance your needs and wants with your physical capabilities. Since you are already older, naturally, your agility is already decreased. This is true, no matter how physically fit you are. The good thing is, a lot of  manufacturers today now make bicycles that are specific for women, seniors and even those with physical limitations. So if you haven’t ridden for a long time or are still learning to ride, a racing bike may not be your best choice. We recommend you get a city bike or cruiser bike, as they are designed for comfort and transportation. They are more suitable for elderly people because of their upright positioning, which makes it very manageable to ride. If you are having a hard time lifting your leg over a bicycle frame, you can opt for a step-through bike. This type of bike can be handy for all genders.

Those are the basic guidelines to follow when you are shopping for a bike. It isn’t really a complicated process. Of course it helps a lot if you can find a bike shop that will actually allow you to test drive the bike first before purchase. Just remember, make sure to choose the bike that will allow you to have the most comfortable ride. That’s the most important thing.

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So there you go. The three bikes listed above (Sixthreezero Body Ease, Retrospec Critical Cycles Parker Step and Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Bike) are the best options you can go for if you are a senior citizen looking to purchase one. These bikes are all geared towards providing you the most comfortable and smoothest ride without compromising on giving you a quality biking experience. So if you ever find one of these in any bike shop, don’t hesitate to get one. It will be a great investment.

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