7 Effective Tips For Cycling To Work

If you have to drive a car or take a train to go to work every day, then you should consider cycling to work instead.

Cycling to work has many benefits as it improves your health and fitness, helps you enjoy your time, and gives you the opportunity to breathe some fresh air, so here are 7 tips for cycling to work.

1. Choose Your Equipment!

biking to work tips

You will choose your bike to suit the way to your work and don’t forget to pick a bike you are comfortable with.

You may customize the tires to a wider one if the way to your work is a bit wet (rainy weather).

A convenient helmet could protect you from any danger and if you have rainy weather, you can choose a helmet that can keep you dry in the streets, don’t forget the waterproof jacket.

Make sure you have the right shoes. If you don’t have bike shoes, then take non-slippery shoes and keep your work and leather shoes in your backpack.

Depending on the distance between your home and work, you have to decide whether to take a bottle of water or two.

2. Train At First!

commuting to work by bike

Before riding a bike to work, start with cycling in a quiet area on a weekend to avoid traffic jams and to get comfortable with the bike.

If it isn’t your first time to ride a bike, then you can start cycling to work.

What to do if the home is far away from your work? If the work is far away from your home, don’t cycle along the whole way, you may take the bike with you on the train and just cycle in your way back.

After a few times, you will be able to determine whether you can afford cycling on the way to and from your work, or only from it.

If you found that even cycling from your work to the home only is annoying and tiring, you may try cycling just a part of your way and get on the train at the next station (for example).

3. How To Ride a Bike In Traffic?


Cycling in traffic needs some practice. Don’t start cycling in traffic from the beginning! After training -of course- start to cycle in patience and don’t panic.

If you get nervous in the middle of the street, you may lose control over your bike, so be patient and ride slowly and look in the mirror (or look behind you) before deviating right or left.

You have to be familiar with your bicycle to be able to look behind you and use one hand to indicate for people behind you whether you are going right or left.

4. Keep Your Bicycle Safe!

cycling to work tips

Getting out of your work and not finding your bicycle where you left it could be the most annoying feeling that you will ever experience.

That’s why you have to make sure that you use the best lock in the market. You can use two locks, one to attach your bike with a non-movable object (e.g. Metal pole) and another one for the wheels.

Some workplaces have bike locking. If your workplace has one, then you don’t have to be worried.

Even if your workplace doesn’t have a bike locking, it won’t be a big problem, you may search for one near your work and choose any parking with security cameras.

5. Light your way!

cycling to work

Do you finish your job at night? If yes, you will have to buy a front white light for your bike.

This can help you a lot while cycling in a dark street.

Don’t forget a back red light too! It’s very important to keep you safe as it keeps the cars behind aware of your position, especially at night.

Check your light every time before riding your bike. You can check them at work during your lunch break.

6. Don’t Cycle While You Are Hungary!

Cycling can burn a lot of calories if you ride for long distances.

You may eat some snacks at work. You don’t have to drink expensive energy drinks or eat a heavy meal.

The most important thing is to stay hydrated. Take your water bottle with you every time you ride a bike and check & fill them before every journey.

7. Enjoy!

Enjoy! This should be your main goal while commuting to work.

Don’t stress yourself! If you are tired once, drive your car or catch the train. Cycling is very interesting and enjoyable, and it can save some money and improve your health as well.

Final Thought!

Commuting to work by bicycle will provide you with a lot of benefits.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start anytime, so what are you waiting for? Start right now with our most effective tips for cycling to work!

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