Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

Cycling is a sport for both genders, but it was originally for men only and it is still more popular among men.

That’s why there are some types of bicycles specifically made for men only, as they are usually higher and stronger.

We are presenting Schwinn discover men’s hybrid bike review, one of the best hybrid bikes for men with 700 cc wheels at a low price usually not exceeding 350 dollars.

What Are The Features Of Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes For Men?

Schwinn Discover Men's Hybrid Bike Review

This is a type of hybrid bikes with an aluminum frame, to lower the effect of impaction it has a suspension fork, a covered seat, a dimension of 53.9 x 7.5 x 31.9 Inches, and a weight of 43 pounds.

This bike has wheels with a size of 700c, which were made of aluminum to provide them with the strength needed for the city roads but still low in weight.

Front-wheel is suspended to and attached with a suspension fork to move smoother, while the rear one has a bracket above it, which is able to carry your bag or anything during cycling.

This type was originally made for new cyclists as it has no specialty, it is balanced for general uses as it won’t beat any type in its specialty (For example, mountain bikes are better at mountains, and road bikes are better on-road, Schwinn discover bike isn’t the best at mountains or roads but it does well on both sides).

What Are The Abilities Of Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike?


As gears are the most important thing in any bicycle because they are the controller of your cycling speed, Schwinn Discover bike comes with rear gears and the bike max speed isn’t very fast but it can tolerate some hard ways.


This type of bikes has a very comfortable saddle, which makes this bike the best choice for beginners as it helps them cycling for longer periods without getting tired.


This bike has moderately powerful brakes. Even if it’s not the strongest brakes ever, but it will be very effective in everyday cycling.


Schwinn Discover hybrid bike for men has a suspension fork for the anterior wheel only, this can make cycling more balanced without increasing its weight, so you can lift it on the edge of the pavement and you can ride it through a little amount of water.


As we mentioned, wheels are made of aluminum as it’s strong and light, this can allow you to lift the whole bike easily when you aren’t cycling and allows you to fully control the bike while cycling. The 700c wheels make the bike very comfortable without defecting its abilities.

What You should know about Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike?

Aluminum city frame Promax alloy linear-pull brakes; rear gear carrier 21-speed SRAM grip shifters 31.89 x 7.48 x 53.94 inches Wheel Size 700c Swept-back upright handlebar and padded saddle, Shimano rear derailleur

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is The Handlebar Adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust it by increasing or decreasing its height, and you can also adjust how far it should be from you.

After Buying Schwinn Discover Men’s Bike, Will I Have To Assemble It?

Sort of, as the bike is bought partially assembled, you will only have to assemble this pre-assembled part rather than assemble the bike part by part.

Is There Another Size Of This Bike?

Yes, You can buy a smaller size with a 16-inch frame.

  • It offers the best control even at max speed.
  • Low weight with high durability.
  • padded comfortable seat.
  • Balanced riding.
  • Easily switchable and controllable gears.
  • Very much safe and suit beginners.
  • The assembly process is easy and simple, as it’s sold partially assembled.
  • Ready to be ridden immediately after assembly.
  • Sold at affordable prices.
  • The assembly process consumes much time.
  • The bike comes with week wheels spoke.
  • It comes with week inner tubes.
  • It doesn’t tolerate high weights.
  • The brakes don’t offer the needed performance for professional cyclists.

Final Thoughts

According to Schwinn discover men’s hybrid bike review of some expert you can tell that this bike is well-balanced and can be the best choice for every new cyclist as it offers comfort with low weight, easy control and much more at an affordable price.

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