Montague Paratrooper Review

Why would anyone buy a mountain bike? Of course, because of its toughness and strength. What about adding folding ability? This definitely would make it much better.

This is exactly what Montague paratrooper bike offers for cyclists, as it was made originally for military people to take it with them while parachuting, but now it’s available for all.

So, here is the best Montague paratrooper review that would help you decide whether to buy the bike or not, as you will know its features, pros, cons, and more.

What is the Montague Paratrooper Bike?

Montague Paratrooper review

This is the bike of choice for cyclists of different skill levels as it serves in the rough road and it’s suitable for mountain campers.

If you think that Montague paratrooper bike is too expensive, you might be wrong after considering that it has 24-speed levels. This ability makes it adjustable to suit different roads and situations.

It’s a mountain bike as it’s very tough and specialized for the mountain trails. Besides, it’s foldable so you can carry it easily alongside your other stuff.

Is it suitable for commuters? Yes, if you are a commuter this bike will be a perfect choice as you can fold it once you have to get onto a train (for example) because folding it would make it much smaller.

Folding the bike takes around 20 seconds only and it isn’t a complicated process at all, this feature makes the bike a portable light package and it would facilitate taking the bike with you in the car to reach a mountain and start from there.

Montague paratrooper bike offers high performance as usual from its company, as they tend always to improve their bikes.

Other Features of the Folding Bike Montague Paratrooper

This bike has mechanical disc brakes, this type of brakes is the best for cyclist safety, as it’s able to stop the bike immediately (much more powerful than rim brakes), and it can work perfectly in every situation, this brakes can work in dry as well as wet weather.

A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is available on this product. This means that you can take your money back within 30 days if you didn’t like the bike, but you have to pay for shipping only.

The bike is available at three different sizes, a 16-inch frame, an 18-inch frame, and a 20-inch frame.

Its weight reaches nearly 13.5 kg (about 30 pounds). With all these features, the bike costs less than 900 dollars, but after buying it would still need assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Montague Paratrooper Review :

How Hard Is The Assembly Process?

The assembly of Montague paratrooper mountain bike isn’t very hard, but it may take some time from you.
You still have the option to pay more money to get the bike assembled by professionals, this service is available online or at any professional bike shop near you.

Is It Suitable For Regular City Road?

Yes, you can switch to a low speed and cycle through the city without any problem, and the brakes would offer more than you need.

What Is The Size Of The Folded Bike?

It would be a little under half its regular size, i.e. about 8-Inch for the small size, 9-inch for the medium size, and 10-inch for the large size.

  • It’s foldable to half of its regular size.
  • You can fold it very easy.
  • The folding process takes 25 seconds maximum.
  • It’s tough and strong.
  • It’s very light compared to mountain bikes.
  • It looks professional.
  • It’s one of the cheapest mountain bikes.
  • It was originally military.
  • It’s kind of hard to adjust the height of the handlebar.
  • It has a rear brake cable of bad quality.
  • Some expert was expecting lower weight.


We have introduced to you Montague paratrooper review just to know the capabilities of the bike, as it is one of the best mountain bikes at this price.

It has the folding ability and the low weight that makes it portable as a small package. It can also do well in city roads and some hard conditions as it has 24 speeds and very powerful brakes.

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