Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500

To help you pick the best Gravel Bikes under 1500, we’re here to give you the best choice. Get ready because you’re about to know the best adventure road bikes on the market this 2020, and we’ll explain to you why you should buy it.

The best gravel bike is all about comfortability, smooth ride, and other amazing features. It is essential that your bike is suitable for all types of terrains and give you the perfect ride.

Moving on, check out our list and find out what suits your biking needs.

Gravel Bikes Under 1500$ – Comparison Table

Bike's NameFrameWeightSpeedPrice
Tommaso Illimitate Shimano TiagraAluminumN/A2x10 Shimano Tiagra GroupsetCheck Price
Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3Aluminum25.1 lbsShimano Sora 2x9 speedCheck Price
Mongoose Men's Elroy Adventure Bike 700CSteel30 pounds2x7 drivetrain with ShimanoCheck Price
Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2 CyclocrossChromoly 413033 poundsShimano Altus 9-speedCheck Price
Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike4130 Chromoly steel36.9 pounds16Check Price

The 5 Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500 for 2020

1- Tommaso Illimitate Shimano

Tommaso Illimitate Shimano
Tommaso Illimitate Shimano

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Get ready to hit on the road with the Tommaso Illimitate Shimano Tiagra Gravel Adventure Bike with Disc Brakes. This bike offers unlimited riding potential and specifically made for rough roads. It features wider 40c tires which makes it even better for any kinds of roads.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent commuting alternative or a bike for all your adventures, the Shimano Tiagra is your perfect match.

The bike will give you better control and shifting, while the Avid BB5 Disc Brakes provides a smooth and more powerful stopping power in other adverse conditions.

Meanwhile, the Tommaso 6061 Sla Aluminum Frame and its HCT Carbon Frame makes it lightweight, strong and reliable for every ride. The frame also racks ready, so you can put all your commuting needs.

The Shimano Tiagro will give you more adventures than any gravel bike out there – thanks to its heavy-duty wheels which are designed to handle rough terrains, gravel, and dirt.

  • Fun and safe to ride. It has long-lasting and durable wheels to survive any kinds of terrains.
  • The frame strong, and rack ready all your touring needs.
  • Easy to shift, and smooth to pedal.
  • The Avid BB5 disc brakes are specially designed to provide a smooth and strong stopping power.
  • It needs professionalism to assemble the bike.
  • The brakes may be inaccurate in some conditions.
  • It may not be suitable for some gravel bike updates.

2- Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3
Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3

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Never settle for less than what you deserve. Why would you get an expensive bike when you can get premium gravel bike features, at a more reasonable price? The Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3 Gravel Adventure Road Bike should be your next ride.

It is a gravel bike that offers limitless possibilities. The Haanjo 3 will give you that adventurous ride that you want. With its sturdy frame and wheels, you can handle any kinds of roads – whether it’s paved or not.

This bike is specially designed to deliver top-of-the-notch performance, better control, and durability. The Endurance Geometry of the Haanjo 3 will put you in a very comfortable position for your long rides, and even on rocky roads.

Additionally, is also decked out with ample gearing in case you may need to bring your riding stuff for your long journey.

If you will ask “where can you ride the Haanjo 3?” The answer is Wherever and whenever you like. With this bike, there’re no limits required. It is a road bike that you can ride anywhere regardless of the weather.

  • A versatile gravel bike that can handle any kinds of terrains and the roughest road.
  • It features an aluminum alloy frame that adds more durability and reliability on every ride.
  • The endurance geometry of this bike will give you comfort in biking and pedaling all day.
  • It also has aluminum for that’s lightweight and shifts smoothly.
  • The Shimano Sora 2×9 speed drivetrain with FSA cranks provides reliable shifting performance
  • The Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes Plus 700x37c WTB riddler Comp tires give more control and full stopping strength.
  • The warranty may be limited.
  • Some bikers complain about the unresponsiveness of the brakes.

Don’t forget to chose adapted shoes for your new bike. Bikepacking and cyclocross shoes are ideal for gravel bikes.

3- Mongoose Men’s Elroy

Mongoose Men's Elroy Adventure Bike
Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike

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Your daily hustle in commuting is probably one of the major reasons why you already want to quit your job. Who would blame you? Daily commuting means everyday traffic, hassle in getting a cab, beating the closing doors of the trains, and the rush hour.

The solution? Recondition your daily commuting habits. Why don’t you try the Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike 700C? it’s versatile to face any kind of terrains and roads. It will make you healthier and allows you to contribute to saving the planet.

You will love that it’s not only a substitute for commuting, but it can also get you to other sports or join different adventures.

The bike features a sleek alloy frame that makes it lightweight and durable to give you that ultimate ride. It also has a steel fork that’s responsive and can give you smooth shifts.

The combination of the 2×7 drivetrain with Shimano Tourney derailleurs, integrated Micro shift shifters/brake lever combo and mechanical disc brakes will give you a smooth and safe ride regardless of your destination.

It has an integrated frame bag that features a stylish embroidered patch. It will give you more room for all your biking or touring essentials. The large front rack can also carry two panniers, while the rear rack mount offers, even more, carrying capacity.

Don’t worry about getting dehydrated, because this gravel bike has an internal cable routing which leaves room for 3 distinct water bottle cage mounts.

  • It is a very versatile gravel bike that has the ability to pass through rough roads.
  • Both brakes work precisely in giving full stop whenever needed.
  • The wheels are sturdy and build from quality materials to last longer.
  • The frame is sturdy to handle all kinds of terrains and carry some extra weight.
  • It has an integrated frame bag features a stylish embroidered patch and all the room you need for your riding essentials.
  • It is too highly-priced for the features that it offers.
  • It may not be suitable for amateur riders.

4- Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2 Cyclocross

Retrospec Bicycles Cyclocross
Retrospec Bicycles Cyclocross

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The Retrospec Bicycles AMOK V2 Cyclocross is a classic commuter and paramount trailblazer. It offers unparalleled versatility, equipped with the best features for all your biking needs. The bike is specially designed for whatever adventure you may want to try.

The AMOK V2 Cyclocross is built for all kinds of fun and adventure. You can ride around the city, tour your state, ride in the mountains, zigzagging up and down trails, roam the streets, or make your path over gravel.

For short, wherever you may go, this bike is your ‘go-to’ companion. It only offers the best of the best components and top of the line parts to provide the most convenient and safest ride. If you want precision and style, this bike is exactly for you.

It features flat and rigid handlebars, so you can apply all of your energy into your bike for ultimate power and precise steering. These are also lightweight handlebars that we’re talking about, so it will encourage a comfortable upright biking position and give less pressure on your wrists.

There are cables attached on the top side of the top lube, so you can carry your bike on your shoulder whenever you go uphill, walk through rivers, or hang it up when you’re done biking for the day.

As this bike can also be considered a cyclocross bike, make sure to have a look at cyclocross specific shoes if you decide to purchase it.

  • It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and even carry whenever you need.
  • It features flat and rigid handlebars, so you can apply all of your energy into your bike for ultimate power and precise steering.
  • The Amok SS Chromoly frame is lightweight and durable that adds more flexibility and responsiveness in steering.
  • The AMOK V2 Cyclocross is built for all kinds of fun and adventure.
  • It also has lightweight handlebars to encourage a comfortable upright biking position and gives less pressure on your wrists.
  • There are attached cable in case you need to carry the bike or hang on a wall.
  • The pedals are not upgraded and maybe low class for its price.
  • The headset and bottom bracket are sometimes over tightened.
  • Some bikers have issues about the attached cables bein unstably.

5- Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike

Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike
Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike

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Hit the roads with elegant style and extreme comfort with the Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike. Whether you’re going on to urban streets or gravel roads, this bike is specifically designed to conquer these kinds of roads. The bike is only made from high-quality materials and parts to offer the best biking journey of your life.

This bike has multiple personalities that you will love, and its 100% ready to take on any roads that you have to pass through. It features a frame and fork that is made of 4130 Chromoly steel, so you can be sure that it’s durable and strong. The bike is also stable and comfortable to ride on or off-road.

The Quest Gravel Bike is also equipped with disc brakes to give you a full stop whenever needed. Regardless of the trail type or the weather you’re riding in, you can definitely stop on a dime and no problem at all.

Populo also did a great job of providing a reliable shifting and braking for all their bikes, and this bike is no exception. It has a wide range of gearing, so you can pack all your riding essentials for your next adventure.

So, let the Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike expand the roads you ride.

  • This bike features 4130 double butted Cro-Mo steel which makes it extra tough and durable.
  • The disc brakes provide the full stopping power and ensure safety.
  • The perfect bike for both urban and gravel roads.
  • It features Frame and fork eyelets which make it easier to mount rack and fenders.
  • It can be difficult to install if you are a beginner.
  • It may be limited to some updates.
  • Some bikers complain about the break and pedal quality.

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With all these options and descriptions being said, do you already have the best pick in your mind? Choosing the best gravel bike can be a tough job, but if you know the exact features that you need, it becomes a lot easier to pick the right one.

We’ve given you a list, it all boils down to picking the best Gravel Bike for all your biking needs. Whether it’s for your daily commute or for your next adventure, there’s a bike specially made for you.

With all those choices provided in the market, how can you say that it’s the best gravel bike?

According to most professional bikers, most gravel bikes under 1,500 offers a more sporty feel plus it’s a perfect fit for any cyclist. It can give you a smooth and easy to maneuver ride. Additionally, it’s also excellent for hiking-roads or cyclocross roads as well.

Overall, Gravel Bikes provide comfortable rides because of its wide tires and padded seats.

Always remember that the best Gravel Bikes has these important features:

  1. The best Gravel Bike for 2020 must have an endurance-type geometry, so you can get superior comfort for every ride.
  2. It must have incredible Disc brakes to get strong control and power for full stops.
  3. Your gravel bike must also include tubeless tires with extensive sections in case you may need some upgrades.
  4. You should also get a frame that has a sturdy design, and give a long-lasting journey that can endure any kinds of roads.
  5. Consider having padded seats for maximum comfort.
  6. When it comes to today’s bike speed, it’s common to have 18, 21, 24 or even 27 gears. To keep it simple and straightforward, take into consideration the kinds of roads that you’re going to ride. Are you riding lots of hills, climbing, or just on flat terrain? The answer to these will help you figure out the right number of gears perfect for your needs.
  7. 650c to 700c is the standard size for road bikes and suitable for people who are about 5 feet in height. This is sturdy enough to carry extra weight and pass through any kinds of terrains.
  8. Disc brakes are more advisable for gravel bikes. It grips onto a brake rotor mounted to the wheel hub. It comes to 2 versions namely Hydraulic and Mechanical. The first one is more progressive and stronger, while the latter needs manual adjusting.
  9. Majority of gravel bikes are from aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. Aluminum is light, strong, affordable, and helps in improving shock absorption. Steel is heavier but offers more strength and a smoother ride. Meanwhile, carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel.
  10. For the handlebar, flat bars are common for Gravel Bikes. They will let you sit upright in a more relaxed upright position so you can see the road better, and reduce strains on your hands, wrists, and shoulders.


In buying the best gravel bike, always make sure that it fits you and that you’re comfortable riding it. A test ride is always the best way to see and discover if it’s a perfect match for you. It’s also important to consider to get a gravel bike that has a strong built that can take some extra weight.

Strength, stability, and reliability are your main concerns. You can always opt for frames made from steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Each of them has specific features that would match what you need.

In the end, you need to choose the best gravel bikes under 1500 that can do and withstand all rough roads, and terrains under any condition. Take into account the upgrades that you may do in the future. So, start your endless journey with your next gravel bike.