The Top 7 Best Fixed Gear Bikes 2020

I wrote the list of The Best 7 Fixed Gear Bikes 2020 for emphasizing the main concept of fitness: You should move more than you drowse.

I couldn’t forget my visit to Amsterdam, Holland. Almost, the whole city is riding bikes. I still remember the prime minister of Holland after an important meeting when he rides his bike while he is holding his bag, and journalists are running after him on foot asking him many questions about this meeting. It is an unforgettable moment.

Amsterdam is a pure-air city. There are no vehicles in the city except for public transportation for who doesn’t have a bike or like to ride one.

Riding bike is a great sport with many aspects and you should try it at least for a month to touch its benefits.

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Why should you own a Fixed Gear Bike?

You have a great chance and a clear choice to start building your muscles, not only the thigh muscles, but also the whole body muscles.

My coach’s instructions about the importance of bike riding are engraved in my head. He told me that I should ride a bike for 30 minutes a day at least. I started with a great feeling of hesitation and restless. But after a single week, I couldn’t take off bike riding forever.

What is Fixed Gear Bike and Why should I Buy One?

Fixed Gear Bike is a bike without a freewheel. This means that the cog is directly tied to the motion of the pedals. The common name of Fixed Gear Bike is Fixie. It is even used in commercial and products’ names.

So, it is such a bike if you pedal forward, the bike moves forward and vices versa. If you pedal backward, the bike moves backward. This is the Fixed Gear Bike or Fixie.

Why Should I Buy A Fixed Gear Bike?

Well, there are many reasons in fact:

  • Fixed Gear Bike is the most popular bicycle right now.
  • It is easy and comfortable to use.
  • It is made from fewer and lighter parts. This equals a lighter weight for the bike.
  • It is easy and capable of maneuverability use.

It can be ridden without brakes and safely stop

Top 10 Best Single Speed and Fixie Bikes of 2020

The following list is built upon my personal experience with Fixies. It will be useful for you to choose one of the next 7 because I saved your time of searching for a comprehensive review.

Let’s start……

List the Best Fixed Gear Bikes 2020 in Reviews

1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear:

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Pure Fix comes with an efficient list of many color bikes. You will never feel worried about finding your favorite bike color.

Pure Fix Original Fixed is a single speed fixie bicycle that comes with deep-dish 50mm wheels. Flip-Flop rear hub gives you unlimited flexibility to switch between fixed and freewheels according to your preferences. So, it is easy to change between single-speed to fixed gear with a single touch.

The frame is made of High-tensile, fully Tig-welded steel. The material of the frame is exceptionally good. This frame with this material comes with a special lifetime frame warranty while other components warranty is 1 year. Pedals are nylon slim pedal 9/16 inch. It is comfortable and easy to use for all ages.

As many of riders who don’t like brakes, Pure Fix comes with removable front brakes, and you enjoy with the ability of coast and cruise. Flip-flop rear hub gives you both options. So, if you like to use the standard brakes, it is easy to switch and safely stop.

As I mentioned above, Pure cycles offer a big variety of styles, colors, components, and compatible accessories. These accessories include different styles of handlebars, foot straps, saddles, water bottle cages, and more.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike Pros and Cons

  • Flip-flop rear wheel hub option
  • High Tensile, fully Tig-welded steel frame with lifetime warranty
  • Deep-Dish 50mm wheels
  • The big variety of colors, styles, and accessories
  • Kenda Tires are not very durable for all users. You may like to change it
  • The seat is not the most comfortable one
  • It is a little bit heavy (for its powerful frame)

2. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear:

fixed gear bikes frames

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The first thing that the manufacturer emphasis is the good material of 6061 aluminum with smooth to the touch welds. Of course, it is made to carry you, but it is also easy to be carried if you need to. So, it gives a limited lifetime warranty on the frames and limited 1-year warranty for components.

6KU comes with 10 different colors to match your preferences. The 32H F/R flip-flop hub gives you the flexibility to switch between fixed gear or freewheel riding.

6KU is a branded name in bikes market and they are well known for their high quality and affordable prices bikes.

6KU drivetrain is one of the best parts of this bike. The sealed cartridge rear hub is made by Novatec with high quality to prevent moisture and dirt from getting inside. This is a competitive advantage.

It can be used for a big variety of purposes for all users (male and females) of all ages.

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight without affecting strength and durability.
  • Affordable price: Actually, its price is medium comparing with its features.
  • A reasonable variety of colors and styles.
  • A very braking system that covers both of the front and rear of the bike
  • Poor and cheap pedals. You may need to replace them in future.
  • Poor brake pads. Also, you may need to replace them.
  • Although the seat is comfortable, it is not in long-range riding.

3. Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear:

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Do you like bullhorn handlebars? Of course, who doesn’t (I just guess). Critical Cycles Fixie gives you the feeling of the race with it. Plus the subtle forward drop of these handlebars allows you to ride in many positions according to your preferences.

Although it is a single speed, you can use a flip-flop rear wheel hub to change between fixed and freewheel riding. The soft and strong Kraton rubber grips give you ultimate comfort and urban comfort saddle.

It is optimized for city riding with 43mm stars super deep V rims, Wanda tires. Although Critical Cycles Classic Fixed Gear is lightweight, it is durable and has a very strong frame.

For long trips, it has a water bottle holder. The water bottle is very important on sunny days to recharge your body with required liquids. Of course, you could choose your favorite drink.

Finally, you get it with 85% built with the tools you need to build and maintain your bike. Don’t worry. It is easy to assemble and it comes with the required tools to do this job. Again, it is easy and far of complication.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Pros and Cons

  • Its price is affordable. It is medium among other high-quality brands.
  • The handlebars come with a comfortable grip
  • This critical piece has a great chain system that works smoothly during pedaling
  • Critical Cycles comes with a water bottle holder
  • Kenda tires are cheap and you may need to replace them in future
  • Although the process of assembling is very easy, you may need external help if you are the one who doesn’t like the DIY style.

4. SE Bikes Draft Lite Single Speed Bike:

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It is another affordable Fixie but not the cheapest (The cheapest is the next one). I don’t know why, but SE Bikes reminds me of iPhone SE. It is not only the name but also the specs. Classic style with high-quality features.

SE Bikes Draft Lite model is 2016 (did you know what I mean by the classic?). Its design is an urban single speed. It comes with butted top tube and down tube. Also, it comes with alloy cranks and a high flange fix/free flip-flop hub. Of course, flip-flop gives you the ability to switch between fixed gear and freewheels riding.

It is good for commuting, track, or city riding for both teenagers and heavier riders. It comes with a high profile and double-wall rims. Also, SE Bikes comes with Promax front and rear alloy brakes with 2-finger alloy brake levers.

SE Bikes Draft Lite Single Speed Bike Pros and Cons

  • Removable SE cable clips allow for a smooth & clean frame
  • Single speed or fixed, the Draft Lite has got you covered
  • Removable SE cable clips allow for a smooth & clean frame
  • Limited color options
  • Lightweight with strong body
  • Durable and stable

5. Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear:

best fixie bikes 2018

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The main difference between this model of Critical Cycles and its brother (number 3 in this list) is the Pista Drop Bars. By the way, it is the cheapest Fixed Gear Bike is this list.

The manufacturer provides a combination of 170 sizes and colors of Critical Cycles Classic to choose from. Flip-flop hub makes the process of converting your bike from Fixie mode to freewheel riding mode.

It comes with premium Hand-Built Steel Fixed Gear Single-Speed Track Frame with Bar-Spin Clearance, No Toe Overlap, Horizontal Drop Outs, and Water Bottle Mounts.

Also, it is different from the Pista handlebars with soft Kraton Rubber grips and urban comfort saddle. Finally, it comes with all the required tools to build (it is 85% built) and maintain your bike.

Actually, it is the perfect and best mini bikes for adults and teen (male and females).

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars Pros and Cons


  • Cheap (it is the cheapest bike on this list)
  • It is easy to assemble for DIY lovers
  • Extra BMX handle, to switch from the Pista drop down handlebar.


  • There is no assembly manual (in case you couldn’t build it. You should depend on your own skillfulness.
  • It may take longer for beginner fixie riders to adapt to using the front brakes.
  • Cheap (it is the cheapest bike on this list)
  • It is easy to assemble for DIY lovers
  • Extra BMX handle, to switch from the Pista drop down handlebar.
  • There is no assembly manual (in case of you couldn’t build it. You should depend on your own skillfulness.
  • It may take longer for beginner fixie riders to adapt to using the front brakes.

6. Pure Fix Glow in the Dark:

fixie bike brands

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It is the second Pure Fix and the last for this list. Pure Fix Glow is glowing in the dark. Once the sun goes down, riding a bicycle becomes a dangerous action.

Pure Fix Glow tells you that you can ride your bike in both day and night. The bike has the ability to glow in the dark and guide you in your adventure. Pure Fix Glow Fixie bike finished with solar-activated paint that glows for an hour plus in the dark after an hour of daytime sun exposure. So, there is no problem with the time you ride your bike at; sunny day or dark night.

Like its brother, it is fixed gear single speed fixie bike with deep dish 50mm wheels and easily removable Radius front brake for adventurers.

Its components are high-quality components. It is built with high-end components including Neco headset, Zoom seat post, Oury grips, Neco stem, Pure Fix urban saddle, Pure Fix platform pedals, KMC chain, Kendra tires, and tubes, Lasered KT Quando hubs, and Presta valves.

Pure Fix Glow in the Dark Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike Pros and Cons

  • It glows in the dark for more than hour
  • Although its weight is light, the body is very strong
  • It is comfortable to ride for long times
  • Tires are not very durable for users. You may like to change it.
  • Sometimes, brakes do not work properly.

7. Takara Renzo Fixie Bike:

best fixie wheels

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Say “Welcome” to Japanese bikes. It is Takara Renzo Fixie Bike that is high quality in features and medium in price. Takara is a reputable bike brand in Japan and many Japanese prefer it.

It comes with Aluminum and steel fork, 56cm seat tube (which means it is suitable for all individual of all statures), alloy rims with alloy hub, and alloy side pull brakes. By the way, brakes are removable. And of course, Kenda tires (700×32).

The flip-flop rear hub helps to change from fixie to freewheel riding according to the preferences.

Takara got over than 80% positive reviews in many online shops starting from Amazon.

Takara Renzo Fixie Bike Pros and Cons

  • It comes with the ergonomic aluminum frame (strong and lightweight).
  • Padded and comfortable seat.
  • It is guaranteed by Japanese technology and manufacturing.
  • Its seat is squeaky which is not suitable or comfortable for all users
  • It got a Low-grade bearings

How to Choose the Best Fixed Gear Biks in 2020?

I will not tell you which my favorite is because of the personal preferences that are varying from one to another.

But I can give you guidelines to commit with. It is easy to follow:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Choose your favorite brand
  3. Check the warranty and customer care

See? It is easy as I promise.

Now, check the list of The Best 7 Single Speed bikes 2020 again and choose your favorite.

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