Best Bikes for Heavy Riders [Bikes for Over 300 lbs]

Good bikes for heavy riders have many features and characteristics, which differ from other types of bicycles, we will together discover wich bikes for over 300 lbs will fit you as well by comparing and contrasting the most important brands in the market, to identify and choose from the list of best bikes for heavy riders.

If you already have a bike, maybe you just need a new seat instead of spending a lot of money on a new bike. Have a look at our list of seats for overweight riders.

Now, let’s go into the list of bikes

Bikes for Heavy Riders – Comparison Table

Bike NameFrame MaterialSpeedPrice
Sixthreezero EVRYjourneyAluminum7Check Price
Mongoose DolomiteOther7Check Price
Aluminum Fat BikesAluminum16Check Price
Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat BikeAluminum9Check Price
Sixthreezero Men'sAluminum1Check Price

The 5 Best Bikes for Heavy Riders 2020

1 – Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

sixthreezero Men's In The Barrel Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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As a general rule, when contemplating bicycles, we center around carbon parts, minor increases, superior, etc. Try not to misunderstand us; we think about these things are significant.

In any case, that regularly causes us to overlook one of the primary parts of cycling — it ought to be enjoyable!

This was one of the principal inspirations at Sixthreezero when their designers were building the EVRYjourney model.

Their objective was to make a bicycle whose fundamental attributes would be comfort, fun, adaptability, and alluring looks. By taking a gander at the completed item.

We can say that they have accomplished every one of their objectives!

EVRYjourney is a blend between a crossbreed bicycle and a shoreline cruiser bikes with a comfortable, laid-back geometry, that places your body in an upstanding position.

It’s ideal both for short and tall riders since the pedals are situated before the seat; in this manner, you can bring down your seat essentially and still stretch your legs completely while accelerating.

In addition, it comes in four distinct hues: Teal, Navy, Cream, and Mint Green. You can likewise change the shade of the seat by picking between dark-colored, white, and dark.

Along these lines, in case you’re a lady, you can without much of a stretch modify it to suit your novel individual style. For men, just the dark casing is accessible.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney doesn’t make a decent attempt to be amiable like numerous different brands and models do.

It just attempts to work well for its motivation and be your closest companion when you have to get from indicate A point B in a restful way.

That is the primary thing that we preferred about it, which is reflected in the edge that this bicycle has.

It joins both retro and present-day visual and building components, the consequence of which is a one-size-fits-all edge. No compelling reason to experience the agonizing procedure of bicycle fitting.

Which is particularly hard on the off chance that you have an unbalanced form. You should simply go to the Sixthreezero site, type in your tallness and weight, click a catch, and you’ll find a solution.

Whether this bicycle fits you or not. It’s as basic as that contingent upon what you need this bicycle for and where you live, you can get this bicycle with various speed mixes. The drivetrain is accessible as a 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed.

In the event that you live in a level territory or you intend to ride EVRYjourney along the shoreline, the 1-speed model will make things simple and straightforward for you and carry out the responsibility well.

 In any case, in the event that you have to fight more slopes or you need to have the option to go somewhat quicker, think about one of the other three models.

One of the main things that you’ll see when you see this bicycle is the retro handlebar. It’s smooth and hot, with conspicuous good old lines. In any case, aside from looking stunning.

A handlebar formed like this has different purposes too — it will make your rides much progressively agreeable and increasingly loose by keeping your hands near your body.

And placing you in an upstanding position. Along these lines, you will likewise have a decent perspective on the traffic and your environment, which is imperative for a city bicycle.

Fundamentally as it is planned to be ridden in zones with many individuals and traffic. EVRYjourney utilizes 26 x 1.95″ tires.

We should not neglect to make reference to some point by point specs about this bicycle.

This Sixthreezero EvryJourney has inconceivable looks and style, however, it performs truly well out and about too. Its edge is worked of aluminum, while the fork is made of steel.

So, the heaviness of the bicycle is quite low. The edge is likewise outfitted with a solid back rack, where you can fit a kid seat or use it to convey your staple goods.

It accompanies semi-smooth 26″x1.95″ tires that are extraordinary both for riding on the hot city black-top and some hard-stuffed trails. Along these lines, EVRYjourney legitimizes its name, as it can take you anyplace.

This bicycle accompanies low-end Shimano derailleurs (it is possible that a couple, contingent upon the speed arrangement you pick) and V-brakes.

Which is the best decision for the sort of ride it is expected to do? Hence, in general, the designers at Sixthreezero made an Astute showing.

As each part on this bicycle is a bit of a riddle that fit truly well together at last.

  • Easy when assembly.
  • Great classic cruiser.
  • Don’t tolerate bad streets.

2 – Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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This bike comes with 26-inch wheels that are intended to give you better cruising on different territories. That is the reason it is a perfect travel friend that brings you through various street surfaces.

It highlights supersized 26×4 off-road bumpy tires.

Its wind shifters empower you to switch gears effectively. The capacity to switch gears rapidly guarantees that you achieve the degree of speed you require for each territory you are cycling on.

It has 7 rates with Shimano back derailleur to encourage a wide range of riding. The accessibility of 7 velocities makes it simple for you to voyage quicker, particularly on the off chance that you are riding on precipitous territories.

It is fitted with double circle brakes that give you all-condition braking usefulness.

The capacity to stop the bicycle in all conditions makes workable for you to stay safe since you can control it notwithstanding crisis independent of the conditions you are riding in.

It has a 3-piece wrench and incredible apparatus moving ability.

It is built with a Threadless headset that is planned to give you a more noteworthy degree of the movability and lightweight.

The little bicycle has a solid aluminum/steel that makes it both strong and lightweight enough to control by various clients.

Its cruiser configuration casing is intended to give you agreeable utilization and dealing with in both simple and troublesome territories.

The bicycle’s 4-inch wide wheels are simple and helpful to grasp and hold the surface, subsequently sparing you the horrible probability of slipping.

It has enormous, thick tires that are intended to improve footing and furthermore make it engaging potential purchasers.

It is having a shoreline cruiser pedals that help you to voyage the shoreline effectively.

  • Strong and stable brakes.
  • Suitable price.
  • High security.
  • A bit heavy.

3 – Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes

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This bike is made of strong aluminum, which is able to carry people heavyweight, also comes with very strong brakes front and rear, comes the number of speeds up to 16 speed, and the most wonderful tires, easy to ride anywhere, it is the ideal means of transport in the winter.

 It is also one of the fastest bikes to ride in the mud, and it is the fastest among all due to its more than perfect tires.

You will go to a place using this bike that is more than ideal, it moves in all places, but the weight of these bikes up to 40 pounds, which makes it somewhat heavy.

It will be great in places where the sand, as it is more suitable for hiking, comes at speeds to pay More than ideal, but besides it is one of the most expensive bikes in the world, due to its quality and fun while riding.

  • Easy to install.
  • Fast to the utmost.
  • Fairly expensive.
  • Fairly heavy.

4 – Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

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We start with the key highlights that make up this bicycle. As you’ll see beneath, every one of the highlights fused into this bicycle has one single center: to improve the rider experience.

This bicycle is additionally vessels of a strong casing made of aluminum (6061 aluminum combination, to be explicit).

This invigorates the bicycle the most extreme and solidness it requires to withstand the harshness of the considerable number of territories you’ll be riding the bicycle in.

This bicycle highlights combination pedals. These will give you a strong vibe during accelerating while at the same time enduring longer than the plastic ones.

This bicycle weighs roughly 34lbs 4oz. On the off chance that you contrast this weight with the other fat bicycles, you’ll concur that this model is lighter than a large portion of the challenge.

The decreased load of this bicycle is mostly because of the aluminum amalgam outline material used to develop its casing and the diminished load of the tires (they’re single-walled, dissimilar to in other fat bicycles with twofold walled tires).

As all of you know, a lightweight bicycle gives you an edge with regards to moving to various territories… particularly corners and rough terrain landscapes.

Moreover, a lightweight bicycle is simpler to deal with for bikers of various ability levels.

We rushed to take note of that all the past clients of this bicycle have a comment about the stopping mechanism of this bicycle: it’s the best.

The bicycle comes fitted with Avid Mechanical circle brakes in addition to derailleurs on the two closures. These brakes empower you to stop at whatever point you wish and paying little respect to the landscape you’re riding on. At the end of the day, you can undoubtedly make crisis brakes when the need emerges.

Such a fantastic stopping mechanism not just allows you TOTAL power over your bicycle yet, besides, guarantees you of your wellbeing.

As you take a gander at this bicycle, you’ll additionally understand that the edge and the cockpit are planned so that they give you adequate space for turning the pedals and staying agreeable.

Something else that improves the rider solace lies in the wide tires and the stun retaining tubes. These two set up their forces together to guarantee you encountered the smoothest, most agreeable rides ever—paying little mind to the territories.

  • Light weight.
  • Operation in the rugged streets.
  • Twenty-one gears.
  • It can be a little difficult to assemble.

5 – Sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel Beach

Sixthreezero Men's In The Barrel Beach

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The principal highlight you will notice is the smooth, steel outline. It gauges 18 inches high and joins a forward accelerating plan.

This empowers the rider to kick back and look cooler than the opposite side of the pad. You can at present produce some nice speed in this situation if you have to keep running from the cops.

You can buy the SixThreeZero cruiser in 3 unique rates. On the off chance that you like going quick, you can most likely arrive at velocities up to 15 mph effortlessly. Yet, what is the hurry? This bicycle is intended for journey control and getting a charge out of the view.

For the single-speed bicycle, the main braking choice is to turn around the pedal. This is your customary napkin stopping mechanism. For the 3-speed and 7-speed forms, a hand stopping mechanism is used. If you have an inclination.

You can get white-walled tires or dark relying upon which shading your purchase. The tires are thick and give amazing footing. The edges are fortified to keep harm from knocks or coincidentally hitting a control. If you are an awkward rider, you will locate the extra secured wheel to prove to be useful.

The bicycle seat is excessively delicate and tenderly touches your base side. This makes longer bicycle rides progressively charming. Bumpers are incorporated into the structure to ensure you and the remainder of your bicycle from being sprinkled by puddles and mud.

  • Suitable price.
  • Super cool design.
  • Not the best option for long distances.

How To Choose the Right Bikes for Heavy Riders?

This article is a guide to buying, because of the information and accurate description of the gravel bikes that can withstand the weight of people, after a good knowledge of these advantages and disadvantages, please know the most important questions that people may ask before buying one of these bikes for over 300 lbs.

1 – What is the maximum weight a bike can take?

The answer to this question depends on many factors: the material of the wheel, its durability in the industry, the strength of the tires, and the speed it comes with but in general that the maximum load of any bicycle in the world can bear it is 300 pounds.

2 – What is The Weight Limit for a 26-inch Bike?

The weights of a bike simply vary in size,

For example, 24-inch bicycles can weigh 150 pounds

The 26-inch tires can weigh up to 250 pounds.

3 – Do Fat Tire Bikes Hold More Weight?

Of course, yes, the stronger and more durable the tires of the bike, whenever it can withstand heavyweights, it is one of the factors that affect the ability of a bike to carry heavyweight, along with a bike-making material.

4 – Are Lighter Bikes Faster?

The answer here depends on many things, including the size of the person, if the person is lightweight, of course, it will be a lightweight bike suitable for him.

And then it will be the fastest for him, but if the person is heavyweight will be the quick bike is the best for him, whether light or heavy.,

The lightest bike does not have to be the fastest, as there are heavy bikes but they are extremely fast and efficient worldwide.


I hope that my article has covered all parts of this topic, which concerns millions around the world, but for advice do not buy the bike only after reviewing the views of users to see the real evaluation of each bike before buying, to know the truth about the best bikes for heavy riders.