Best Bike Seat for Overweight

Here at Fixed Gear London, we believe that cycling should be accessible to everyone, regardless of shape or size.

Anyone of any weight should be able to enjoy the incredible fitness and mental health advantages of this popular activity. 

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that many bike seat (or saddle) manufacturers aren’t producing seats that are suitable for people who are overweight. 

Best Bike Seat for Overweight

However, that doesn’t mean there are no bike seats on the market for people with higher BMIs - far from it! And that’s what we’re hoping to show you today in this article. 

We’ve done our research and compiled a selection of comfortable, high-quality bike seats for the bigger men and women out there who are tired of feeling restricted by uninclusive saddle designs. 

Ready to get going? Check out our top pick:  


DAWAY Most Comfortable Bike Seat - C30 Oversized Extra Wide Exercise Bicycle Saddle, Soft Foam Padded, Universal Fit for Peloton, Road, Stationary, Mountain, Cruiser Bikes, Gift for Men Women Seniors

This bike saddle from Daway is marketed as the ‘Most Comfortable Bike Seat’, and honestly, we have to agree!

What’s more, this bike seat is absolutely perfect for any overweight cyclists looking for a universal-fit seat to eliminate sore perineums from their cycling routines.

Daway’s Most Comfortable Bike Seat is a generous 10.4 inches wide, which immediately minimizes some of the discomforts that can come from having to perch on a narrow saddle for hours. 

The external material of the seat is outdoor leather which, unlike regular leather, will hold up well against exposure to rain in the long term.

It also resists staining, scratching, and tearing, so your bike seat will retain its out-of-the-box look and feel for a long while!

But it’s what’s underneath the leather cover that we’re really interested in with this bike seat.

Firstly, the high-density foam padding is very forgiving on the areas that deal with the most pressure from the bike saddle, providing a soft and comfortable seat.

The ventilation channel cut into the centre of the saddle also helps to facilitate healthy air flow and makes this seat much gentler on sensitive areas than some other bike seats. 

Discomfort while cycling is reduced even further by the Daway Most Comfortable Bike Seat through the shock-absorbing dual suspension system.

The metal springs provide up to 12 mm of shock absorption to minimize the impact of irregularities in the road. 

When you purchase this Daway bike seat, you’ll also receive the mounting tools and saddle adapter needed for installation and adjustment, as well as a water and dust-proof cover to enhance the longevity of your new bike seat!


  • Universal fit 
  • 10.4 inches wide 
  • Outdoor leather material
  • High-density foam padding 
  • Features ventilation channel 
  • Shock-absorbing dual suspension 
  • Includes mounting tools and adapter
  • Dust and water-proof cover provided


  • The springs can make the saddle feel unstable 


Cloud-9 Sunlite Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel, Tri-color Black

The Sunlit Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser seat is without a doubt one of the best bike seat options available for heavier cyclists. 

This seat is built to accommodate larger rears with its 10 ½-inch width, soft faux-leather material, and extremely forgiving dual-density gel foam padding.

This gel foam pad is actually only the upper layer of this saddle’s construction, with a thick layer of multi-stage foam padding underneath for even more comfort. 

Another excellent feature of this bike seat that makes it so much more comfortable for heavy riders than other seat models is its use of chrome coil spring suspension.

This type of suspension functions as a great shock-absorber and will help to make bumps and potholes in the road feel less harsh on your behind. 

The built-in airflow channel down the middle of the seat also helps to improve air circulation where you’re likely to need it most, reducing uncomfortable sweating and overheating. 

Because this is a ‘universal fit’ bike saddle, it can easily be mounted to the majority of bike models as long as they use standard saddle posts. 


  • Wide 10 ½ -inch seat 
  • Multi-stage foam padding 
  • Extra gel foam layer for superior comfort 
  • Shock-absorbing chrome coil spring suspension 
  • Built-in airflow channel 
  • Universal fit


  • Some buyers have found installation difficult 


Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Comfortable Replacement Bike Saddle Memory Foam Soft Bike Saddle Waterproof Universal Fit Bicycle Seat for Women Men (a-Outdoor Bike Seat)

YLG’s Oversized Comfort Bike Seat has been designed specifically with larger-framed cyclists in mind, and the thought that has gone into the design really shows in the final product. 

The 10-inch seat is not only wide enough for larger behinds but also extra comfortable due to the combination of high-density, high-elasticity memory foam, and gel foam padding. 

The YLG Oversized Comfort bike seat is just as impressively-designed on the outside as it is on the inside, with a waterproof PVC leather cover that is also non-slip and scratch-resistant. 

This seat’s shape is quite unique because it’s designed to provide support for larger riders without obstructing leg movement. For this reason, the seat is built with an extra-wide, wing-shaped arc for a wider surface area. 

Meanwhile, the dual-spring rubber ball suspension ensures the smoothest, most stable possible ride, even on more uneven terrain. 

If you often like to ride your bike late at night, this saddle will help to keep you safe with the reflective band on the back of the saddle. 

This saddle’s mounting components are universal fit, so it should be compatible with whatever bike you already own. 


  • Generous 10-inch width 
  • Wide-arc design 
  • High-density memory foam and gel padding 
  • Non-slip, scratch-resistant PVC leather
  • Dual-spring rubber ball suspension  
  • Features reflective band 
  • Universal fit


  • Some buyers have noticed a squeaking noise


Bikeroo Bike Seat – Oversized, Comfortable Bicycle Saddle with Shock-Absorbing Spring Suspension for Men and Women – Soft, Padded Seats w/Mounting Tools – Outdoor

Another ‘Oversized Comfort’ bike seat, this saddle from Bikeroo combines comfort and durability in a way that is perfect for heavy riders. 

Firstly, this is a wide seat design, measuring 10 inches across. However, the suitability of this seat for overweight cyclists doesn’t stop there. 

The durable stainless steel suspension springs and frame of this saddle mean it will be able to support a significant amount of weight.

Thanks to the thick foam padding and dual-spring suspension, this seat distributes weight evenly and takes some of the pressure off of contact areas for a comfortable ride. 

All the mounting tools you’ll need to attach this universal-fit saddle to your existing bike are included with the purchase of the seat, along with a seat adaptor, waterproof cover, instructions, and even an informational ebook! 

If all of these ergonomic features weren’t enough to persuade you that this is an incredible bike seat, you can trust in the feedback of over 25,000 cyclists who have given this model an enthusiastic thumbs up!


  • Durable stainless steel frame and springs 
  • 10-inch width 
  • Thick foam padding 
  • Dual-spring suspension 
  • Includes mounting tools and adaptor 
  • Waterproof cover included 
  • Free informational ebook 
  • Universal fit


  • Can be quite noisy during use


This bike saddle from SGODDE is a fantastic all-round bike seat for cyclists of any shape, size, or proficiency. 

The surface of the seat is made from durable, waterproof, and non-slip PU leather and padded with a combination of memory foam and fatty gel material for optimal comfort. 

The way that this bike seat is designed, with a streamlined front and hollow ventilation channel also promotes superior comfort by minimizing thigh chafing and allowing air to circulate through the saddle while reducing pressure on private parts. 

Another great feature of the SGODDE bike saddle is its internal shock-absorbing construction, including an elastic shock-absorbing steel bow which works together with the high-density sponge cushion to reduce the discomfort of cycling over uneven terrain. 

This bike seat also features a reflective band on the back for visibility, as well as a removable seat clamp. 

The only potential drawback to this seat for overweight cyclists is that there is no extra width to the saddle.

Measuring just 8.2 inches across, there is a chance that this bike seat may be slightly too narrow for some larger-framed riders.

However, for those slightly heavier cyclists who are able to use standard-width saddles without excessive discomfort, this bike seat is ideal. 


  • Durable PU leather surface 
  • Memory foam and fatty gel padding 
  • Streamlined for minimal chafing 
  • Hollow ventilation channel 
  • Shock-absorbing construction
  • Reflective band for visibility 
  • Includes removable seat clamp


  • No extra width 

Best Bike Seat for Overweight Buying Guide

If you’ve read this far, we hope you like the look of at least one of the bike seats we’ve reviewed!

Each product has been thoroughly researched by us and determined to be suitable for overweight riders. 

However, if you’re still wondering what exactly makes a bike seat ideal for heavier cyclists, you’re in the right place.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll be discussing some of the main factors and features for larger riders to consider when choosing a bike saddle!


Generally speaking, there is a great deal of variation in bike seats in terms of width, and for overweight riders, a wider seat is essential for comfort and stability. 

Of course, a rider’s weight in itself says very little about their frame, so some overweight cyclists may be perfectly comfortable on a more standard-sized bike seat, so a saddle measuring 8 inches across could be sufficient. 

However, if you have found from past experience that standard bike seats feel uncomfortable, you might benefit from a slightly wider seat.

A seat measuring closer to 10 inches will help to distribute your weight over a larger surface area, thus minimizing painful pressure.

It will also help you to feel more stable on your bike, which is key to developing confidence and proficiency! 

If a 10-inch seat still doesn’t cut it, why not try a wide-arc design? This type of seat is shaped in a way that maximizes surface area (particularly width) with a wing-like construction for ultimate comfort and support. 


The external material of a bike seat isn’t as important as internal construction when it comes to comfort and support, but if you want to avoid your seat splitting at the seams prematurely, it’s crucial to invest in a seat made from high-quality material. 

PVC leather is a popular and highly recommended choice of bike seat material because it has all the durability and comfort of a real leather seat without the risk of water damage. 

Even better, if the PVC leather is designed to be non-slip and scratch-resistant, you can make your purchase in complete peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be safe and comfortable on your new bike seat and that it will resist wear and tear for many years to come. 


If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to ride a bike with an insufficiently padded saddle, you’ll know that padding is absolutely vital for a comfortable cycling experience.

For overweight cyclists, this problem can be exacerbated by the force of gravity creating even more pressure on the buttocks from the seat. 

This is why having good-quality padding in your bike seat is so important, especially if you’re a little heavier. 

Memory foam is often used to pad out bike seats, and it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your bike seat is comfortable from the start and in the long term.

Memory foam has the unique capability of being able to contour to your body so that your bike saddle is essentially perfectly moulded to your shape. This type of foam is also incredibly soft and can be manufactured very thickly to provide superior comfort and support. 

Gel memory foam, meanwhile, is also frequently used in mattress construction and is known for its cooling properties. This is because the gel promotes airflow which draws away body heat.

This is very useful in a bike seat because heat and sweat can often build up during a bike ride, causing distraction and discomfort. 

Where any type of foam is being used to pad a bike seat, multi-layer padding is advisable. Not only will layering allow for thicker overall padding, but it also means that multiple materials can be incorporated into the padding; for example, high-density and gel memory foam.

Multi-layer, multi-material padding allows a cyclist to benefit from the comfort-enhancing properties of multiple padding materials for the most pleasant possible experience.

Shock Absorption 

Part of what can make cycling for long periods of time, regardless of body weight, is shock and vibration from the road.

Each time you ride over a bump or pothole, your bike absorbs some of the vibrations, and unless you have a particularly good seat, you’re guaranteed to feel them.

This can result in you feeling constantly shaken up during your bike rides and feeling very sore afterwards. 

Thankfully, high-quality seat suspension can provide a good amount of shock absorption.

Dual spring suspension (ideally steel for durability) helps to effectively distribute weight across the saddle and the bike’s frame, while the addition of shock-absorbing rubber balls to the suspension will help to minimize the shock impact from any bumps in the road. 

Additional Features 

These features aren’t necessities for making a bike seat appropriate for overweight cyclists - or any cyclists, for that matter - but they can be nice additions to have for enhancing the safety and longevity of your bike and its saddle. 

If you’re going to be riding your bike at night, you should hopefully already have some kind of light installed on the bike itself.

However, you can’t go wrong with a few extra safety features, so it might be a good idea to buy a saddle with some reflective bands sewn or printed onto it. 

Some people like to keep their bicycles outside on a temporary or permanent basis, and more and more bikes are being manufactured with metals that are corrosion-resistant so that this is safe to do.

Unfortunately, bike seats may still be negatively impacted by being left exposed to the rain, so a waterproof seat cover will make an excellent addition to your cycling gear.

Since larger and more durable bike seats tend to be slightly less affordable than other saddles, a protective seat cover can be especially beneficial in this case. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you be too heavy to ride a bike?

Unfortunately, the construction of most standard bikes only allows for load bearing of between 200 and 300 lbs, maximum.

However, this definitely doesn’t mean that anyone heavier than this is ‘too heavy’ to ride a bike. 

There are bike models available on the market that can support weights up to 550 lbs, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t ride a bike if you weigh more than the average bike supports! 

How can I make my bike seat feel more comfortable? 

Even with the highest quality, most well-designed saddle, there’s a chance that you might try it out and feel that you’re not as comfortable as you could be.

If this happens, don’t worry - and definitely don’t give up! There are a few things you can do to adjust your saddle and make it extra comfortable. 

The first thing to try is adjusting the saddle height. By doing this, you’ll be changing your entire posture while you ride your bike and shifting the pressure from certain areas to others.

You may find that this change of position is more comfortable for you and brings out the seat’s full potential. 

It’s also possible that the problem might actually be with your bike. Even the best saddle in the world will struggle to make up for poor bike construction that channels too many vibrations from the road.

One way to determine whether this is the problem is to try your saddle on another bike - perhaps a friend’s or a family member’s.

If you find that your bike seat is comfortable on another bike, but not your own, you may need to think about replacing your bike altogether (but make sure you keep the saddle!)