Best Bike for College Students

What’s the best way to get to collage? Eco-friendly, cheap and healthy?

You get it, the bike. But how to chose the best bike for college students?

We’ve studied the market to find the best affordable bikes. We will get to know all the specifications in each bike separately. At the end of the article, you’ll be able to choose the ideal bike.

The 5 Best bike for college students in 2020

1 – Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step

A classic hybrid cruiser made for maximum comfort, the EVRYjourney women’s bike has a low center of gravity and foot-ahead.

Design that facilitates maintains your lower back upright while preserving right leg extension for most advantageous pedaling.

With seems made for the beach and the gears to take you everywhere else, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is ready for something – from hitting the paths on the crack of dawn to cruising the beach on the nightfall.

The EVRYjourney’s modern-day swooping aluminum body is designed with a foot-forward seat and pedal positioning, permitting riders of various heights to forestall and put ft. flat on the floor.

Whilst at a full prevent, you may stand over the seat and occasional swooping frame for easy mounting and dismounting, the EVRYjourney is to be had in 4 gearing options.

21 velocity Shimano tourney derailleur and friction shifters assist you to address traumatic avenue, path, lengthy distance, and uphill using. Front and rear handbrakes make stopping clean and particular.

7 pace Shimano outside hub allows for a huge range of driving – from enjoyment to long-distance commutes. Consists of front and rear handbrakes.

Three-pace Shimano inner hub with clean-to-use nexus shifter allows you to address longer distances and slight hills.

The single speed version offers closing simplicity and is right for flat terrain. the front handbrake and rear coaster braking machine are straightforward.

 Just pull the left handbrake lever and pedal backward to drift to a prevent

The 1.ninety five-inch huge whitewall semi-slick tires provide a cushioned, strong ride for clean rolling. this bicycle comes whole with a rear rack for use with non-compulsory panniers.

Baskets, and other accessories, plus matching complete fenders to preserve you blanketed from rain and debris. Additionally, it is a twin spring seat and leather-stitched grips for optimized comfort.

Encouraged for single-trip journeys up to 30 miles and quickens to 30 mph, the 26-inch every journey is sized for riders from five ft. to 6 ft., four inches tall; the 24-inch version is sized for riders four ft.

3 inches to four toes 11, inches. It comes eighty% assembled and weighs 38 kilos while fully assembled.

Designed with consolation, ease, and fascinating fashion, Sixthreezero EVRYjourney provides inexpensive best for a giant range of riders.

26 inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires provide exquisite roll and a cushioned, solid ride, lightweight aluminum body for easy maneuvering.

Includes matching fender and a rear rack for optionally available baskets, the front and rear handbrakes for smooth stopping suits riders from 5 ft. to six feet, 2 inches tall.

Upright using style keeps your lower back and shoulders comfortable; foot-forward design helps maintain right leg extension, single-pace bicycle tremendous for flat terrain.

The front handbrake and a rear coaster brake to make sure you don’t end up in bushes.

Elegant, curvy body with the cozy dual-spring saddle; includes matching fenders is an ideal bike for teenagers.

And a rear rack for non-obligatory baskets and panniers, 26-inch, 1.ninety five-inch wide whitewall semi-slick tires offer a cushioned, strong ride for easy rolling.

  • Easy when assembly.
  • Great classic cruiser.
  • Twenty-one gears.
  • Don’t tolerate bad streets.
  • The brakes may be inaccurate in some conditions.

2 – Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle

Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle

The Pure Cycles coaster bikes are biking made simple. one pace, no cables, no levers, no-nonsense – simply you, the bicycle, and the street. presenting a fingers-free coaster brake for smooth stops, swept-back bars for a relaxed, upright trip, and a metal frame to soften the road.

This bicycle is ideal for brief errands, sluggish rolls, and all of those overdue-night birthday celebration rides, designed for cycling simplicity, the minimalist natural cycles coaster motorcycle is ideal for those who travel mild. featuring one pace, a kickback coaster brake for easy preventing.

And no levers or cables, the coaster bicycle is right for quick errands, sluggish rolls, and late-night time celebration rides.

It is designed with a custom-engineered geometry and swept-back bars for an at ease, upright experience.

More potent than aluminum, the lightweight metal body can take in greater vibration from the road for a softer journey. It also gives a sealed bottom bracket for easy pedal spinning for consolation.

The coaster features a padded natural cycles drome 2 saddle and 700x32c web freedom wedge tires, this bicycle is likewise effortlessly customizable and upgradeable. The frameset is rack and fender like-minded with all mounting and attachment factors.

You want to turn your journey into the closing commuter or grocery getter — fenders, racks, crates, it’s backed with the aid of a producer’s lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-12 months warranty on additives (professional assembly required to set off your assurance).

Celebrating bicycling for all that it gives, natural cycles, built to stay, experience, and thrive right where you do offer a ramification of body, geometry, and gearing alternatives as well as a cornucopia of well-suited accessories, consisting of distinct sorts of handlebars, saddles, water bottle cages, foot straps.

And easier using unmarried-speed motorbike extraordinary for brief errands and leisure rides around town.

Hands-unfastened coaster brake for clean stopping – simply thrust back at the pedals to stop custom-engineered geometry and swept-again bars for a comfy, upright ride.

Lightweight metal frame stronger than aluminum enables to soften the vibrations of the street; sealed bottom bracket for clean pedaling.

  • Comfortable seat.
  • Very strong brakes.
  • Complementary devices can be purchased to ensure durability.

3 – Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes

The bicycle can be comprised of nearly anything; titanium, wooden, aluminum, and carbon fiber to call a few. this unique bike is fabricated from aluminum.

Aluminum is the maximum not unusual alloy used to make motorcycle frames. it’s robust, malleable, and clean to discover which makes bikes cheap.

That is a heck of a hefty motorbike, available on the market today, different groups together with trek and Cannondale make girls’ hybrid motorcycles that weigh simply round 20 pounds.

The wheels in this bicycle, I assume, are 700×28. what this means for you as a rider is that you’ll have faith whilst turning on leaves or water. I must say but, these facts become written rather awkwardly in an amazon list.

Someone who works in a bicycle store, it appeared as though they may be pronouncing the frame itself is 28 inches.

This leads to consider that this motorbike is only suitable for someone of one particular peak, of which we do not realize. indifferent phrases.

Cross anywhere the street takes you with the Schwinn discover hybrid bicycle. this comfort/ hybrid motorcycle, with an aluminum town frame, functions anatomic grips with dual-density creation.

A built-in rack, and a secure sport seat. made with a Schwinn suspension fork and a Schwinn alloy crank, this hybrid bike integrates an adjustable stem with lower back sweep handlebar.

Pedaling up a hill is less difficult, way to 21-pace SRAM grip shifter and Shimano rear derailleur, alloy twist shifters, and four-finger brake levers.

Fenders keep dust off the rider while using this light-weight and strong aluminum frame motorcycle, added facilities include Promax alloy linear-pull brakes, a tools service.

Swept-lower back upright handlebars, padded seat, and adjustable perspective alloy ahead stem. This bike ships geared up to be assembled.

The find out became designed to provide at ease ergonomics, supporting you hold a using function to keep your neck and lower back from aching as you rack up the miles.

The sweeping handlebars and custom-shaped frame help suit a girl’s frame flawlessly.

  • Come with accessories.
  • High accuracy in design.
  • Not suitable for short women.

4 – Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Hybrid

This beautiful hybrid bike is constructed from an aluminum frame with 7-speed gears which are best for touring rides, urban commuting, cruising around a metropolis, and light trail riding.

The gears are via Shimano – a depended on the emblem in equipment settings. With massive 26″ wheels, this bike is the best height for the common sized guy and is nicely fit for riders who are at least 5’6″ tall – it’s far a one length suits all bike after that indexed height.

The sturdy construction of the bike and the care and attention to detail is obvious inside the black matte of all of the accessories and finishes. This leads to the advanced appearance of the bike and makes it amusing to take a look at and journey.

The seat is crafted from a synthetic leather-based and offers an at ease trip; other hybrids on this fee range lack inside the seating branch, but this bike offers an incredible experience and fee.

It functions a thick foam which allows making a difficult trail or tough street experience like you are gliding on water.

The tires are pretty thick: over 2″ and provide fantastic traction and speed control on the road or light trails.

Even as this bike is designed for guys, it offers a low, nearly “step via” design, which makes it easy to mount and dismount in a flash.

This layout is normally reserved for girls’ bike; however, it provides to the intrigue of the design and makes it even greater interesting to examine.

what’s more, the position of the seat makes this bike very comfy to experience as it helps an upright riding position and lessens strain at the decrease back for riders.

Further, the pedaling action is “foot ahead” which lends to the informal fashion of the bike and gives an informal riding experience. there may be no strain to your knees when you are riding this bike.

The EVRYjourney guys’ bike has a low middle of gravity and foot-ahead layout that allows keeping your returned upright at the same time as maintaining right leg extension for most appropriate pedaling.

With seems made for the beach and the gears to take you anywhere else, the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is ready for anything – from hitting the paths at the crack of sunrise to cruising the seashore on the dusk.

The matte black current aluminum body blends with the matching dual spring seat and leather-stitched grips to create a graceful appearance.

The Evryjourney’s foot-forward seat and pedal position permit riders of various heights to forestall and positioned toes flat on the floor. whilst at a full forestall.

21-Speed Shimano tourney derailleur and friction shifters assist you to tackle disturbing road, trail, long-distance, and uphill driving. the front and rear handbrakes make stopping clean and particular.

  • Modernly designed and gorgeous.
  • Removable front wheel.
  • Wide speed tires.
  • Difficult to assemble their parts.

5 – Schwinn Network 3.0 700C Men’s Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Network 3.0 700C Men's Hybrid Bicycle

This bike has a splendid mixture of street motorcycles’ efficiency, mountain bike’s stability and touring bikes’ performance.

It’s very difficult to locate an awful review of Schwinn network 3. zero hybrid motorcycle. so, it is generally taken into consideration one of the first-rate low-cost bikes.

This hybrid bicycle is widely recognized for the aggregate of road and mountain bike’s traits at a lower priced price. it has a considerable quantity of excellent features.

Customers have appreciated nearly each of their capabilities. There are analyses of important thing functions.

Natural aluminum hybrid frame, Schwinn community 3.0 avenue bike frame assessment, if you have preceding bike purchasing enjoy, you need to recognize the fact that a totally few ranges of the bikes.

Currently existing in the market is produced of pure aluminum.

It is one of the excellent hybrid motorcycles made with pure aluminum hybrid Schwinn body. the frame presents a light-weight and first-rate performance being robust and sturdy for a long time.

If you need durability in its’ unique sense, the Schwinn community three. Zero is simply able to gratify your want.

The community three.0 has Schwinn suspension fork, mixed with the Pure aluminum frame, it outcomes now not most effective efficient but also incredibly solid experience.

The suspension fork now not simplest absorbs shocks & vibrations from bumps at the paved roads however also can take you off-road.

The ideal geometry frame is solely designed to provide you with an ideal and comfy upright driving position. whether you are transferring to short distances across the town or extending it away out on the street.

The community 3. zero will dependably come up with the pleasant in consolation.

Combined with the swept-back handlebars and extremely-at ease as well as huge and cushioned seat, this bicycle is genuinely made for utmost comfort.

If you love to get the fine class equipment and derailleurs, then top information for you.

The bike consists of the Shimano easy hearth 21 speeds trigger shifters and Shimano rear derailleurs for a unique and immaculate gear overall performance.

The Shimano rear derailleur will certainly help you cross anywhere your choice- either to climb hills or to move for racing on the street around the metropolis.

The Schwinn Network 3. zero consists of alloy linear-pull brakes, which means may have the functionality to stop right now in any form of the avenue at the same time as driving.

Even at its’ most velocity, for the novices and nation-state riders, this is a very good characteristic

High best alloy 36h 700c rims are lightweight & pretty long-lasting that shows smooth rides enjoyable for you.

The bike has a short launch front wheel that makes it smooth to gather & update the wheel on every occasion vital with none gear.

  • Suitable price.
  • Easy to assemble accessories.
  • Comes with thin tires.

How to Choose the right bike for College Students

This article is a real guide for buyers, as you will learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of bicycles that suit you as a college student, hence you will know the right bike for you in terms of price, quality and ways you will use it inside, as well as I,  will display the most frequently asked questions by users to give you information Full of the advantages and disadvantages of each bike from the reality of use.

1 – What Factors Depend on Choosing The Right Bike?

Many factors depend on your choice of the favorite bike, including the price and quality of the right, as well as the function that the bike will perform.

The maximum critical thing, for my part, is that the bike is affordable, reliable and cool searching due to the fact you recognize that is a university. the reality is the maximum of the good searching bikes which are cheap at the same time are useless.

The combination of the three matters less expensive, dependable and properly looking isn’t effortlessly observed on many motorcycles available. that is why I took the mission to discover the great bikes for college severely.

Nowadays we have more than ever such a lot of motorbike types however for university, a hybrid bike is a superb option. the hybrid motorcycle lets in you to take a seat without difficulty upright like on a mountain bike however at the identical time being a good deal faster because of the narrower tires.

2 – What Are the Best Tips for College Bikes?

Having a favorite university bike to journey around the neighborhood with as well as for your way to high school is a fresh enjoy.

But without the bicycling suggestions, you’re possibly to get in harm’s way or even lose your loved possession. here are some suggestions you can depend upon for an easy ride to your bike.

But on a helmet, either you, your figure or a sponsor has paid lots in expenses, and you have devoted to attending all your instructions so that you could have a higher existence in advance.

Use lighting fixtures and reflectors, by way of lighting, we are not referring to the front light best. that’s enough that will help you see in which you are going.

This is wherein you need signs and different reflecting accessories. it’s vital to p.c. a reflective cloth, raincoat, and some other gear that maintains you secure from harsh elements.

Buy the quality lock, the rule of thumb while buying a bicycle lock is which you need to spend nearly 20% of your journey’s fee on a security lock.

Bikes get stolen all the time, specifically if they’re left unlocked. a lock ensures your motorcycle can be within the faculty compound and precisely wherein you left it. the lock can also come in handy whilst out and about the streets to shop for something.


After reviewing more bikes available for college students, one cannot prefer one over the other but each bike has some of its advantages and disadvantages, just check it out, and see the opinions of users to easily identify the best bike for college students.