Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Of course, every person wants to be fit, this can be done easily if they have been consistent with an exercise on a daily basis, and cycling is considered one of the best daily exercises as there are many benefits of riding a bicycle, here are some of them.

1- Enjoy Your Way To The Office!

benefits of biking

If you are a commuter and don’t have enough time to do your daily exercise, then you should try cycling on your way to your office (or school).

Your way may be too long to ride a bike, but you still can cycle to train or bus station. Riding a bicycle is much more fun than driving a car, not only that, car drivers are more liable to obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

2- Control Your Weight!

benefits of cycling

Riding a bicycle can enhance your body burning ability, as cycling for an hour can burn up to 600 calories. Ideal for heavy riders!

You can change your diet and still be able to do your daily cycling exercise because cycling is an easy and comfortable sport.

According to a British study, if you have been consistent with only a half-hour of cycling every day, you will lose more than 5 kilograms by the end of the year.

3- Improve Your Mental Health!

Cycling helps your body to release more adrenaline and endorphins, thus can improve your mood and increase your self-confidence (especially when you are about to achieve a goal – like cycling two-hours daily for a week).

Being outdoors in the fresh air every morning to do your exercise plays a major role in boosting your mood throughout the day. Depression patients described that their life quality has been improved by getting out to the streets and riding a bicycle.

4- Sleep More Deeply!

Even if riding a bike can make you a bit tired for a short period, it will eventually help you sleep faster and deeper.

An American study proved that cycling for half an hour every day can help insomnia patients to sleep faster (they took only half the time), and they also slept for one more hour.

Your circadian rhythm can be reset by getting outdoors in the daylight every day, this will result in lowering your cortisol level, which can keep you stressed with low quality sleep.

5- Save The Earth!

The materials used to build a car are 20 times more than the materials used to build a bike.

If we assumed that all people used bicycles, there would be much less traffic congestion, as more than 15 bikes can take the same area of a single car.

Bikes aren’t as fast as cars – of course – but they are much faster than walking (about 4 times faster, even if you have great shoes) and eco-friendly without pollution at all.

6- Better Sexual Abilities!

Active fit people have better physical and sexual health because of their better circulatory system health which has been improved by the effect of reduced body fats, LDL and increased HDL.

A study at Harvard University has proven that older men who ride bicycles for more than 30 minutes a day have a better sex life in comparison to those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

In general, if a man rides a bike or does daily exercise, he will have a sexual power of a two-year younger man.

Not only men, but cycling has also been linked to delayed menopause in women.

7- Improve Your Lungs!

This may be a bit confusing, but riding a bike will prevent your lung from consuming polluted air in comparison to car drivers.

This happens because polluted air is trapped in a closed car or bus, keeping the passengers in long contact with that air.

A study made in London proved that car drivers will be more liable to consume polluted air (5 times than cyclists), while bike riders will be the least liable to consume polluted air (lower than bus passengers and even walkers).

8- Spend More Time With Your Friends!

Cycling is a social sport, as you can get out with your friends in a group and enjoy your time together while riding bicycles.

You can also join a cycling club to meet new people enjoying the same sport you do. This may give you a chance to participate in tournaments and championship.


The benefits of riding a bicycle are more than going to the gym, as cycling saves your time, allows you to breath fresh air, and exposes you to the daylight. What Are You Waiting? Start Cycling Today!