Fixedgearlondon was founded by Andy in 2005, riding fixed has since become our lives - and more. This frame is the first that SuperTed had built from scratch and is Fixedgearlondons' interpretation of what a Vans fixed gear bike should be like.

The frame was put together by Ted in our workshop. It was built to Teds initial specifications which were… 1. Make it comfortable to ride, 2. Make it fillet braized (for strength) and 3. You have to be able to bar spin with a 700c wheel. The fork was kindly donated by Charge bikes, who sponsored Ted at the time.

The paint job was applied at Armourtex, our trusted powder coating specialists. We have been painting most of our bike there for years now. Thank you Steve, see you on Thursday :)
The frame and forks were finished with a matte high temperature black, then a gloss black was applied for the details.

This is our vision of what a Vans fixed gear bike should be like and is a complete one off which will never be produced again… (by us!)

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©Fixedgearlondon 2008