Name: Duke A

Age: 22
Location: London
Years riding Fixed Gear Bikes: 4 years
How you got into riding Fixed/how did you become involved with FGL: I've always been riding bikes, however only started riding fixed in early 2010. I've always seen cycling as the quickest method of transport for getting around London. After trying out my friends conversion, I soon lusted after my own. I've known known Mikey R and Moses for a few years now. When the team asked if I would like to get invloved, I was honored. It feels great when you share the same passion.
Who else supports you: Self sufficient!
What's your everyday bike setup: On most days you'll find me riding the Low// (pictured). Archetype rims laced to BLB King hubs, Thomson seatpost & stem, Rotor track cranks and chainring. It's my favorite setup for riding around the city because it just wants to go fast!
What's your favourite time/place to ride in London: I dont really have a place, but times where i'm having the most fun tend to be when i'm riding with good friends through the city. Just mashin'
What else do you do when you're not riding bikes: Skateboards/Basketball/Writing poetry.
Favourite London food spot: Taro Sushi Bar. I love their bento boxes!
So why do you ride Fixed Gear: I ride because it is truly the one place that i feel genuinely happy. One ride can turn a bad day into a great one. Whether its a training ride or just riding with friends. Fixed gear itself has shown me to a new world and has introduced me to people who I now have the privilege of calling my friends. To me riding a track bike is an adventure, you just never know what will happen from A to B.
Instagram: @ekudduke