Mikey Ramirez


  Name: Michael Ramirez

How long you been riding fixed? About 5 years

What part of London you from? Originally from East London but moved to South West London 2 years ago 

Who supports you other than FGL? 14 Bike co

How did you get involved with Fixedgearlondon? Andy. He knew I was really into Fixed Gear bikes also riding around London and I wanted to get involved with FGL so he took me in. 

How many fixed gear bikes do you own? 3- 14R, Koga and Brooklyn Machine Works

Apart from riding fixed, what other hobbies do you have? Is eating a hobby? I do aggressive skating every now and then! But most of the time I like to spend time with my daughter.  

Where do you like to ride the most? I do like riding around Central London with cars and big vehicles in the way. But i enjoy long rides to somewhere with good scenery, I've rode to Brighton, Boxhill and Lakeside. I want to go to Paris next.  

Why do you ride fixed gear bikes? I first started riding bike because I didn't want to pay for transport and getting delayed, also smelling someones dirty morning breath near me, so I got a single speed bike which was free wheel, When I'm in the city I dont need no more than one speed to go around. A mate introduced me to fixed gear so I flipped my wheel into fixed and ever since then I just love the control, the energy and the thinking ahead feels great! So since then i have not changed back!