Mike Merkenschlager

Name: Mikey Merkenschlager

Age: 20

How long you been riding fixed?

4 years

What part of London you from?

I grew up in north London, currently living in Bermondsey

Who supports you other than FGL?

I ride 14bikeco bicycles, I wear dickies clothing and vans shoes

How did you get involved with Fixedgearlondon?
In 2008 Oscar and I came to the Fixed Mag < launch party in Hackney. Oscar won the trackstand competition and we chatted to Andy for a while about our bikes. I can't remember him being as keen on our conversions as we were but he seemed pretty stoked that we were riding and enjoying our bikes like he was, as skateboarders. We bumped in to him again at our local skatepark Cantelowes and started hanging out with the crew soon afterward
How many fixed gear bikes do you own?

Just the one, but I have a feeling my first bike is still in Oscar's bedroom somewhere

Apart from riding fixed, what other hobbies do you have?

I take photographs, paint, draw, that sort of thing. When I can, I still love to skate, I swim a fair bit, and travel when I have money to

Where do you like to ride the most?

New places are always great, getting lost on your bike in London is a pretty awesome way to spend a day.
Fast traffic is really fun, but I'm also down with longer rides through the countryside, big hills...

Why do you ride fixed gear bikes?

The feeling of freedom you get from any bicycle is amazing, but I ride a fixed gear bike because it's simple and really fun.
There are less distractions, you learn your limits, push yourself and become a better rider
It's difficult, there's a lot that I could say about it but what it comes down to is that I really enjoy riding my bike