Andy Ellis - Æ

Name: Andy Ellis
Age: 34
Location: Los Angeles

Years riding Fixed Gear Bikes: Since 2005


How you got into riding Fixed/how did you become involved with FGL: I liked how balanced design wise a fixed gear bike is, it is a machine that functions as well as it looks. The form/function is perfectly complimented when you are riding a fixed gear bike and everything feels natural. I started Fixedgearlondon. 

Who else supports you: Continental Tires, The Heavy Pedal and Bicycle Coffee Co.

What's your everyday bike setup:  Makino Olympic Track, Dura-Ace Seat post, Brooks Cambium Saddle, Ritchey stem & Riser Bars, Rotor Track Cranks, MKS RX1 Pedals, SAG Life Straps, D.I.D Chain, Dura-Ace Cog, Phil Wood Hubs laced to DT Swiss Rims, Continental Gator Hardshell tires.

What's your favourite time/place to ride in London: Rush hour in London is the best time to ride fixed for me and anytime in LA is pretty rad... there is always traffic.

What else do you do when you're not riding bikes: I run the Bicycle Coffee Co LA Roastery with my wife in East Hollywood, if you are in the neighborhood swing by!

Favourite London food spot: Five Guys, best burger in the world.
So why do you ride Fixed Gear: For me it's a very similar feeling to skateboarding. I never thought I would get this feeling from riding a bike. Before I rode Fixed the only bikes that were interesting to me were BMX bikes. Cycling was not cool, actually it still is not cool to me. It reminds me of regimented sports and I think the only person you should compete against is yourself... Life is about pushing your limits, finding out what you can do, not many things make you do that. But a fixed gear bike makes you feel alive.